Yitzchak Khaimov testimonials

Yitzchak Khaimov
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
License: 10401270591

Hello -

I wanted to write a glowing recommendation for our (and your) broker, Yitzchak Khaimov. From the moment I reached out to him, he responded with enthusiasm and prompt attention and care. My family and I moved cross-country from California just one month ago, and we would never have been able to find the incredible place we did without Yitzchak. I contacted a dozen different agents and brokers about units, but Yitzchak was the only one who not only responded immediately, but put genuine thought and care into helping us find a place that fit our needs. I flew in town for just two days and he took me around to multiple places, ensuring I had a feel for neighborhoods and buildings. He was very focused on understanding our individual needs and shared the best units that fit them. When I returned to California, I left our home hunting in his hands and he did not let us down. He not only aggressively made contacts and appointments for us, he kept me on my toes in responding promptly in applying. He also put together the most detail-oriented, meticulous application ever, making sure nothing was amiss in order to secure the place we fell in love with. The entire thing would never have worked with any other, less caring and diligent broker. Rather than pushing a lease, he wanted to be sure we loved the place before going for it, sharing many options and visiting them all for me. The number of hours he put was unprecedented, and he honestly found an incredible place for a great price. The best part was knowing that Yitzchak is genuinely a good person. He is funny, kind and very good at what he does. We are so happy where we are, and I would recommend him unquestionably to anyone seeking a new home in New York City. - Stephanie B.

Apartment hunting with Yitzchak Khaimov has been an overall very positive experience. He was never short of apartment listings to send me or show in person, which Cassandra did much of; the units were always in good locations and well within the budget we’d set. Yitzchak is always communicative with both clients and the landlords/other third parties. They did a lot of running around downtown during the summer to show me places, which I looked at several, and ultimately my roommates and I found one we’re quite happy in. A pleasure to work with. -Ian Laurel

Recently I had been searching for an apartment that fit my budget and was able to accommodate my needs. Each search was met with resistant either from the lies/exaggeration of the description or the realtor flat out ignored me. Then one day I decided to reach out to Yitzchak Khaimov at LG Fairmont which had a posting to a studio in Rego Park. I expected no reply as for some reason many relators just ignore me. However the respond was quick and I was able to view the apartment at my desired schedule. Yitzchak was able to assist me with the process and spend time explaining and replying to multitude of questions via text/phone. I can say that he is one of the best relators out there and would recommend him to anyone that wants clear and quick communication with results. And thus I sitting here writing my review in my new apartment to let future Buyers or renters know the great experience I had with Yitzchak. And by the way he still answered questions after I already paid the broker's fee, shows his integrity as a person - Shawn H.

My name is Abo Shamuelov. I would like to share my experience working with my realtor, Yitzhak Khaimov. Yitzhak is truly a professional, genuine and patient individual. He made this stressful process of finding the right apartment for me much as simple and successful as possible. In addition, he truly dedicated time to select the most suitable apartment for me and was always willing to answer any and all questions and concerns. Ultimately, it was a pleasure working with him and I will with confidence, recommend his services to others. - Abo S.

Yitzchak was one of the best agents I had a pleasure working with during my apartment search. He is not only good at his job, but also hardworking, sincere, passionate, and personable. I really appreciate him for accommodating his schedule to my unreliable and hectic work schedule as well. He tried his best to find THE apartment that fit my needs even though I wanted a lot of features in my apartment. It was obvious that he really wanted me to have a "home" in Manhattan--and not many agents work with this work ethics. He is also very receptive and answered any questions I had at any time of the day. I recommend him 110% and would work with him again. Thank you Yitzchak! - Yuna

Yitzchak was very helpful and communicative during my brief apartment search. I appreciated his consistent and timely follow up messages. I talked to a lot of brokers in this search and his work ethic stood out! - Laura Park