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The Yow Team, headed by Chester Yow, prides itself in its exceptional level of service for our expanding client base of homeowners, investors and developers, local and abroad. The team strives to provide accurate data, detailed analysis and, initiative and accountability in our job. We deliver creative solutions, follow up with urgency, and are relentless for all our clients.

Since 2017, the team has accounted for over $50,000,000 in Sales. We cover all areas of real estate, from residential sales and rentals, commercial consisting of mixed-use buildings and development sites. Furthermore, we specialize in foreign overseas investment sales, relocation sales with clients from all parts of Asia such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and so forth. We are passionate, honest, loyal, trustworthy individuals that are patient in working with every intricate situation for our clientele. The team is also fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.

The Yow Team has immense experience in New Development projects starting with conceptualization, planning and construction stage, marketing plans and execution in sales. One of our biggest projects we have worked on was Manhattan View at MiMA, a luxury 147-unit condo project in the center of Manhattan with a total sell-out of over $400,000,000. Thus, we are fully capable of guiding developers from small to large projects from inception to sell-out.

We provide real estate expertise to the New York City market; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and have partners across the country in the Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami Florida and New Jersey. Work with us today!

To contact the Yow Team: or 917.498.9762

The Yow Team, 由Chester Yow创立并领导。该团队以其独特的宗旨与目标, 服务于海内外的房产买家,投资者以及房地产开发商。The Yow Team致力于提供顾客最精准的市场数据,最详细的市场动态分析和全方位的维护我们顾客的利益。我们根据顾客的需求,为顾客提供不同买卖投资方案,我们不断的根据市场的变动为我们的顾客修正并加强我们的市场推广策略。


The Yow Team对新开发项目的企划,户型规划设计,大楼建筑,市场推广和销售整体化服务有着丰富的经验。我们合作过的最大的新楼盘销售项目是Manhattan View at MiMA,一栋位于曼哈顿中心的有147套豪华独立产权公寓大楼。该项目的市场售出总值是4亿美金。除此之外,我们也助力引导开发商从小的开发项目,至大的开发楼盘的最初企划到全部出售成交。


我们的电子邮箱是 ;或者电话917.498.9762。