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You don't need a realtor, but you do

Bryan Cohen

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Bryan Cohen
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You don't need a realtor, but you do

You don't need a realtor, but you do

No matter where you go in the world you can always find a place to live or a place to work on your own. There are plenty of no-fee managements or owners that will be more than happy to work with you, and rent from one of the building that they manage. Best of all, there is no broker fee, but here is the catch, do they have your best interest at heart?

They are more than willing to work with you, show you different apartments that they manage, have you them rent from them, but are they really have your best interest at heart?

Let's say that you decide you don't want to work with a broker and go off and start looking for a management on your own. You go on the internet, do a search and find places that you like. At this point there are about two scenarios, the first one being you make an appointment, go to see the apartments you like and find out some of them have been rented. The next one is you go make the appointment to see the apartments you like on their listings,  see an apartment you absolutely fall head over heals for, the price is right, it is available when you want it, but, oh no, you do not get the apartment.

There are other scenarios I can bring up, and many of them happen more often then not.

Now here is the point why you need a broker. brokers are people that specialize not only in the real estate market, but specialize in particular areas of that market, whether it be, let's take the New York City market, the Upper East Side, the West Village, Murray Hill or any other area. Realtors have access to 99% of the listing in NYC. Many times they get the listings in advance before the management release the listings to the public and know the best prices and how to find them. Not all listings are no-fee, many aren't. There are many apartments that are under priced that not available to see outside of working with a broker.

But here is another reason why you should work with a broker, they can help avoid the scenarios above and others like it. Part of being a realtor is knowing the managements, knowing how they work, what they like to see in a potential tenant, etc. Another thing is the broker's relationship with the management. They know the application process. They know what you need, what you don't need and how to get around problems, so that your application will be approved.

The same goes for sales or commercial real estate. Brokers know the details you need to know to avoid problems later and what to look for when finding the best space for your needs. When you make an offer, the broker can let you know what you should offer for the space and negotiate to get to get you the best deal. They know how to write offer so that you will get approved as easily as possible.

Brokers have a specialized knowledge where they know what to offer, negotiate to get you the best deal and how to avoid or handle problems during the process.

For all that brokers do, that fee does not seem like much, considering all they help you during the process.

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