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Meet the Cast of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing NYC Spinoff

Meet the Cast of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing NYC Spinoff

[L-R: Fredrik Eklund, John Gomes, Caroline Grane, Michael Lorber.]

The call for brash, big-shot brokers went out last spring, and after a dramatic casting process that included some newspaper headlines—which is way more excitement than what we're used to when it comes to the inside baseball of the real estate industry—the curtain has been pulled back on who's starring in the anticipated New York City edition of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, filming right now. In the Post today, Jennifer Gould Keil drops four names, only one of which we haven't heard before in connection with the reality show. They are:

1) Fredrik Eklund: Duh. The Swedish gay ex-porn star turned celebrity superbroker left the boutique CORE Group for megahuge Prudential Douglas Elliman to star on this show. Here's his new broker bio page, where he's rocking kind of a cater-waiter look.

The rest of the little rascals revealed. >>

2) John Gomes: Eklund's buddy at CORE left along with him for employment at Elliman and a starring gig on this show. Gomes made a few appearances on HGTV's Selling New York, which has a contract with CORE, and is the reason why the brokers had to leave the firm to take Bravo's offer of fame and fortune. Here's his info.

3) Caroline Grane: Yet another CORE-ditching Swede, which might be why she flew under the radar. Grane's departure must still be fresh, because her CORE bio is still up on the firm's website. Her new one at Nest Seekers lacks detail for now, but according to the Post, her trademark look is "tight skirts and trim blazers." The more you know.

4) Michael Lorber: Another Elliman guy, not that he had much of a choice: His father is the chairman. The youngster has been described as a "man-about-town" and is being billed as the show's eligible bachelor. He spent summers in college working for Donald Trump, according to his bio, and then bought an apartment at Trump Tower during his senior year. A true up-by-his-bootstraps American success story.

Now the important part: Why should you care about these people? Because unlike Selling New York, this show will be just as much about the brokers' personal lives as it will be about the pricey Manhattan real estate they're selling, kind of like a Real Housewives for real estate. And who doesn't love Real Housewives? People with fulfilling lives, we're guessing, so please just let us have this one harmless thing.
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