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Why I Decided to Work in Real Estate

Why I Decided on a Career in Real Estate

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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson -- The Valestin Team

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Why I Decided to Work in Real Estate

"Why Real Estate?"

For those of you brave enough to call Real Estate your profession, I'm sure this is a question you've heard a thousand times before, and for those of you who are thinking about taking the plunge you should keep reading to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

If you are like me you love stats, especially when they relate to real estate. During a recent sales meeting at Nest Seekers International, Joe Barbaccia of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) shared with us some of their latest findings:

  • 30,000+ licensed real estate agents in Manhattan
  • 56,000+ licensed real estate agents with all the boroughs
  • 585 residential real estate firms in the city

Talk about some serious competition.

So, why do you think so many people decide to call real estate their profession?

Dynamic Market: Did you know that on one Park Avenue block, there could be more than 250 apartments worth more than 2 billion dollars in real estate, which is more than the entire GDP of the Caribbean! How about the fact that there is more Commercial Real Estate deals done in the Financial District than the entire city of Atlanta.

Passion: If you don't love what you do, you need to ask yourself what you truly enjoy and find a way to make it your job.  

I decided to become a real estate advisor because... 

  • Everyday it forces me to step outside of my comfort zone
  • I enjoy speaking with people and learning about their lives
  • I am trusted with most people’s single largest investment and use my expertise to get them the best return
  • I love learning about the history of New York while discovering what makes every neighborhood unique

How about you? Why did you decide to start a career in real estate? Please leave a comment below! 

About David James:

David James is a real estate advisor at Nest Seekers International. From buying and selling luxury properties, to finding rental apartments in New York's dynamic market, David enjoys building a relationship with his clients and works passionately to exceed their expectations.

David James David James
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson -- The Valestin Team