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3 BUILDINGS FOR SALE: Bankuptcy Sale 17' Wide Townhouse Upper West Side

Elana Ledgin

Upper East Side News- A Private Cocktail Reception with the Honorable Lord Harry Woolf

This week in the Upper East Side residence Lord harry Woolf, The Former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, was invited by the American Friends of The Hebrew University, to speak about Insuring Israel's Existence and Future.

As a graduate of the Law School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a NY State attorney and Real Estate broker, it is an honor to meet a man with such accomplishments.

The people I meet through my real estate career, are one of the rewarding points.

Upper West Side Private Cocktail Reception/Safra Center: A new brain research center involving scientists from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) and the Max Planck Society in Germany was inaugurated on January 9, 2013. The new center is one of only 11 such international partnerships between the Max Planck Society – Germany’s leading research organization – and a foreign research institution, and is the only one in the field of brain research.

Here I am with the astounding brain scientist Prof. Eilon Vaadia

Elana Ledgin
Licensed Associate Broker

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3 BUILDINGS FOR SALE: Bankuptcy Sale 17' Wide Townhouse Upper West Side

Premier Locations:

Today the auctioneer for 313 west 77th St building will hold the public auction under Chapter 11.

If you are looking for information on upcoming auctions let me know.

I have currently 2 other properties for sale:

1. Upper East Side Most valuable location! Off Fifth Avenue building for sale

A 5 story walk up building with 7 residential units and 2 commercial units.

Class C-7.

The price of $11,000,000.

The area buildings sell at $16MM and up.

2. A New Development on Long Island City.  for $34,000,000.

Kindly send me your email and telephone number with a request to show.

Elana Gol Ledgin

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