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“I love to create situations that
allow sellers to win,” says Régis
Roumila who developed a niche
as an elite Manhattan listing agent
following several successful years
in New York City’s hot rental
market. Born and raised in Paris,
Régis took the first chance of his
career by moving to San Fran -
cisco in 1998 to continue the law studies he began at the
prestigious La Sorbonne law school in Paris. After a
short time on the west coast, however, he craved a city
with the vibrancy of Paris. His desire for world-class
art, attractions, museums, parks, stunning architecture
and unlimited opportunities drew him both to
Manhattan and to real estate.
“I moved to New York in 2000 and started my real
estate career in rental properties,” he says. “By the
time I left the rental business, I had a team of agents
and was renting an apartment almost every day, but
something was missing.” The rental market no longer
offered the challenges he craved. “I discovered that,
especially in New York, a real estate agent needed to
do both rentals and sales at the same time.” Before
long, his profound understanding of Manhattan’s
rental and sales markets helped him build sizeable
referral base of owners, landlords and clients.
“Life is something you don’t plan for,” says Régis,
now senior vice president with Nest Seekers
International in Manhattan. “I took a risk leaving the
rental business. But I’m a lifelong learner and I excel
when things are difficult. In real estate, nothing is
more difficult than going after listings.” Now entering
his seventh year as a listing agent, Régis still finds the
greatest satisfaction in solving challenges during
tough times. “I’m having a fantastic year this year, but
I always want to keep reinventing myself,” he says.
“In changing, you force yourself out of your comfort
zone, which is good because your biggest enemy in
real estate is to be comfortable.” Tough times don’t
last, says Régis, but tough people always do.
Régis creates wealth for his clients by remaining
informed and by educating the sellers he represents.
“You not only have to educate in this market, but you
have to be a people mover. The seller is going to hire
you for your ability to get them exactly what they
want,” he says. “You need to be willing to take risks
in order to help people move forward and you can't
be a prisoner of your own ideas.” In listening to
clients and educating them on the potential scenarios,
he establishes a foundation to exceed expectations.
With listings and sales that may range from $500
thousand to more than $30 million apiece, Régis
manages complex transactions with efficiency and
finesse. Client feedback describes a tireless nego -
tiator and market expert. “I really appreciated your
deter mination and dedication through the com -
plicated process,” writes one client. “We are truly
im pressed by your professionalism and expertise.
We also appreciated the daily reports you provided
to us for every step.” Others praise his team’s un -
limited availability for showings. “You represented
us zealously through difficult negotiations and
ensured our sale went through without a hitch,”
another seller says.
Most importantly, Régis remains fully committed to
everything he does, personally and professionally. “In
New York, you are surrounded by the power of
concrete. You have to be able to channel your energy
into something positive every day. Fear has no place
in a success equation.” In his spare time, Regis
exercises and takes advantage of New York. “I swim
and I do a little boxing and martial arts,” he says.
“Also, I’m French so I really enjoy taking advantage
of New York’s great restaurants and theater.”

To learn more about Régis Roumila

and Nest Seekers International, visit


or call 646.924.4389

Regis Roumila Regis Roumila
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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