Hi-rise Apartments in Manhattan For Rent

At the heart of the city lies Manhattan, which is known as quintessential New York City. It is the most famous area of the city, and the one most captured on film, television, and in pop culture. It provides its citizens, as well as tourists, with the most opportunity for diversity—of people, of things to do, of opportunities. It has the most museums, theatres, and world-renowned landmarks of any other borough, as well as the most convenient mass transit.

** 75 Wall St ** Mint Alcove Studio**Hi Floor **$2,950
Midtown West, Newly Renovated 2 Bedroom 1 Bath,  Full Service Luxury Condominium, Great Closet Space, South Facing Corner, Roof Deck and Garage$4,200
Midtown West***Elevated Living at New Luxury Rental building, Keyless Smart Locks, 2 BED/ 2 BATH. NO FEE**$6,975
Amazing 3 Bedroom**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Water Views**Hell's Kitchen$5,750
Corner Luxury 1 Bedroom**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Open Kitchen**Hell's Kitchen$3,591
Stunning 2 Bedroom**24 Hour Service**Open Kitchen**Hell's Kitchen$4,710
Amazing Corner 2 Bedroom**Manhattan View**Breakfast Bar**Hell's Kitchen$5,490
Beautiful Luxurious 2 Bedroom**Corner Apartment**Water View**Hell's Kitchen$4,200
Luxury Apartment**Modern 1 Bedroom**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Hell's Kitchen$3,500
Luxury Apartment**Modern 1 Bedroom**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Hudson Yards$4,750
Beautiful Luxurious 3 Bedroom**Bowling Alley**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Hudson Yards$9,696
Modern • Luxe 2 Bedroom • Chelsea$11,895
Stunning Brooklyn 2 Bedroom**24 Hour Service**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Hudson Yards$6,939
Luxury Apartment**Modern 1 Bedroom**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Seaport$4,850
Corner Luxury 2 Bedroom**Natural Light**Open Kitchen**Financial District$6,375
Stunning Studio**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Lower Manhattan Views**Seaport District$3,190
Gorgeous 1 Bedroom**Hudson River Views**Tons of Natural Light**Tribeca$5,500
Stunning Tribeca 2 Bedroom**Hudson River View**Tons of Natural Light**Tribeca$7,395
Beautiful Luxurious 2 Bedroom**Large Windows **Manhattan Views**Tribeca$6,150
Luxury Apartment**Modern 1 Bedroom**Large Windows**Tribeca$4,385
Amazing 2 Bedroom**Manhattan View**Breakfast Bar**Tribeca$7,800
Corner Luxury 3 Bedroom**Natural Light**Large Living Area**Tribeca$10,900
Unique 1 Bedroom**Hudson River Views**Dazzling Rooftop**Battery Park$3,550
Luxury Apartment**Modern 2 Bedroom**Balcony**Battery Place$5,700
Corner Luxury 2 Bedroom**Natural Light**Open Kitchen**Financial District$6,495
Stunning Studio**Modern Appliances**Bowling Alley **Lower Manhattan Views**Financial District$3,475
Luxury Apartment**Modern 1 Bedroom**Walk In Closet**Financial District$4,395
Corner Luxury 1 Bedroom**Rooftop Deck**Pass through Kitchen**Financial District$3,695
Amazing Alcove**Stainless Steel Appliances**Rooftop**Financial District$3,275
Amazing 3 Bedroom Penthouse**Terrace**Duplex**Financial District$7,625
Luxury Apartment**Modern Corner 1 Bedroom**Floor to Ceiling Windows**Financial District$4,195
Amazing Studio**NO FEE**POOL**CITY VIEWS**ATTENDED LOBBY**West Chelsea$3,450
NO FEE! Beautiful, spacious, east-facing one bedroom with separate kitchen! Amenities Include 2 Pools, Fully Equipped Fitness Facility and More!$3,680
Luxury Studio in MIDTOWN WEST/HELL'S KITCHEN PRIME location!$2,670
Spacious Convertible 2 Bedroom*No Fee*Pass thru Kitchen**Minutes away from Grand Central**Turtle Bay$4,895
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