Ditmars-Steinway Co-ops For Sale


Ditmars-Steinway, the northern neighbor of Astoria, is a thin strip
located between Ditmars Boulevard and the northwestern industrial edge
of Queens. Often considered part of Astoria or even Jackson Heights by
the people who live there, the name Ditmars-Steinway is most often used
in a real estate context. Much like Astoria, the neighborhood is
popular with young professionals and families looking for an affordable
place to live.

Ditmars-Steinway does have some distinguishing characteristics, such
as the Ditmars Boulevard business district, that set it apart from the
surrounding neighborhoods. Greek restaurants, pastry shops, fruit
stands, and a variety of other amenities line the boulevard, which is
easily accessible from Ditmars Boulevard stop of the N & W trains.
The northern industrial area lends a working class feel to
Ditmars-Steinway, and contains the factory where Steinway makes its
internationally famous pianos.

On the western waterfront, the promenade of Astoria Park continues, offering views of the Hell's Gate Bridge well as Ward and Randall Islands in the East River.
Welcome to 21 78 35th street unit 3G !
Sponsor Unit. Fantastic Beautifully Gut Renovated home !
Sponsor Unit. Fantastic Beautifully Gut Renovated home !
This adorable home features stunning views of the city skyline and hells gate bridge.
The newly renovated apartment has a high end kitchen with stainless steel appliances and bath finishes with exposed brick.
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