Roosevelt Island Co-ops For Sale

Nestled in the East River between Manhattan & Queens, Roosevelt Island has experienced many incarnations, and consequently many names; Minnahononck, Blackwell Island, Welfare Island. Once fertile farmland, Roosevelt Island served as a home for asylums, various hospitals, and correctional facilities throughout the 19th century. 

In the late 20th century, the island was the site of heavy residential development, including the transition of a prominent asylum, The Octagon, into a high-rise residential community. This transition led to increased public transportation into Manhattan, including a subway stop and a gondola tramway into the Upper East Side.

Looking for the best of all possible worlds ?$459,000
531 Main St, Apt. 813 is a spacious 2BR, 2bth home with large, private balcony in Rivercross, the premier Roosevelt Island coop.$895,000
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