Hoboken Condos For Sale

Private Backyard in Uptown Hoboken!$799,000
A modern Classic 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms in Uptown Hoboken$899,000
Spacious One-Bedroom Condo in  Hoboken$499,000
Maxwell Lane in Hoboken! 2 Bedroom Condo$995,000
Oversized Highly Desirable 1 Bedroom Residence with Dramatic Floor to Ceiling Windows$599,000
South Facing 2 Bedroom 2 Full Bathroom Condominium in Steel & Concrete Building$849,000
1500 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$4,595,000
901 BLOOMFIELD ST Condo New Jersey$3,250,000
901 BLOOMFIELD ST Condo New Jersey$2,800,000
2 CONSTITUTION CT Condo New Jersey$615,000
101 WILLOW AVE Condo New Jersey$369,000
224 WILLOW AVE Condo New Jersey$898,000
920 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$875,000
1006 GARDEN ST Condo New Jersey$635,000
514 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$699,000
308 9TH ST Condo New Jersey$419,000
10 PROVOST ST Condo New Jersey$770,000
111 GARDEN ST Condo New Jersey$1,500,000
80 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$499,000
1025 MAXWELL LANE Condo New Jersey$1,735,000
253 10TH ST Condo New Jersey$649,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$280,000
825 ADAMS ST Condo New Jersey$1,299,000
904 JEFFERSON ST Condo New Jersey$539,000
933 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$499,000
300 NEWARK ST Condo New Jersey$569,000
300 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$420,000
650 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$869,000
726 ADAMS ST Condo New Jersey$699,000
320 MADISON ST Condo New Jersey$429,900
815 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$450,000
109 GRAND ST Condo New Jersey$869,000
607 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$649,000
1125 MAXWELL LANE Condo New Jersey$1,549,000
704 CLINTON ST Condo New Jersey$879,000
131 MONROE ST Condo New Jersey$635,000
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