New Jersey Commercial

Another natural extension of New York City is the charming and ever expanding Gold Coast of New Jersey. Stretched between Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken and all the way up to Edgewater. Whether you are looking for a Loft conversion in the WALDO district of Jersey  City, a high rise waterfront glass tower with sprawling views of Manhattan or a charming historical townhouse, you will find the short PATH train or Waterway Ferry ride a short breeze connecting you to midtown or downtown's business districts of Manhattan.

3417 PARK AVE Retail New Jersey$2,900,000
584 SUMMIT AVE Commercial New Jersey$225,000
112 KENSINGTON AVE Office New Jersey$859,000
771 WEST SIDE AVE Commercial New Jersey$99,000
112 MONTICELLO AVE Retail New Jersey$480,000
582 WEST SIDE AVE Commercial New Jersey$35,000
318 MADISON ST Office New Jersey$450,000
5906 KENNEDY BLVD Retail New Jersey$1,800,000
51-53 14TH ST Retail New Jersey$2,400,000
6811 BERGENLINE AVE Retail New Jersey$275,000
394 PALISADE AVE Retail New Jersey$400,000
4213 BERGENLINE AVE Commercial New Jersey$110,000
6803 PARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$150,000
7000 BLVD EAST Office New Jersey$429,999
6035 BLVD EAST Office New Jersey$529,000
6300 BROADWAY Commercial New Jersey$75,000
131-135 35TH ST Industrial New Jersey$1,500,000
109 2ND ST Retail New Jersey$649,000
500000 WASHINGTON ST Commercial New Jersey$139,000
92 BLOOMFIELD ST Commercial New Jersey$48,000
68 LOGAN AVE Retail New Jersey$99,999
68 LOGAN AVE Office New Jersey$99,999
107 BOWERS ST Retail New Jersey$298,500
7000 BLVD EAST Retail New Jersey$1,300,000
37-41 HACKENSACK PLANK RD Industrial New Jersey$1,800,000
728-730 24TH ST Industrial New Jersey$849,000
1016 WASHINGTON ST Retail New Jersey$650,000
7000 BLVD EAST Office New Jersey$139,900
181 BROADWAY Commercial New Jersey$115,000
191 MALLORY AVE Commercial New Jersey$80,000
6517 PARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$120,000
3607 PARK AVE Retail New Jersey$269,000
682 ROUTE 440 Commercial New Jersey$80,000
7025 BERGENLINE AVE Retail New Jersey$550,000
363 GROVE ST Retail New Jersey$1,498,888
854 8TH ST Office New Jersey$950,000
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