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In Search of a home

In Search of a home

"Home is where the heart is!" I've heard this statement many times growing up. The older I get I have a greater understand of this statement. Growing up I never cared to have a home! I believed in adventures and traveling, being a nomad was a big part of my life. As some of you may know I've traveled a lot to  England, France, Germany, Honduras, Guatemala, Australia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Korea, China, Japan, Trinidad, and the Philippines I also have lived in a lot of states but i'm not going to list them. This was my life traveling having adventures, meeting cool people, experiencing cultures, and giving back to the world in some way. 

Life gets heavy with it's up's and down's we take in a lot of good as we do bad. The weight of it makes you tired as it did to me. I will never lose my love for traveling but once I hit 30 I felt like it was time to find a place to lay my head and zone out. First, I looked in Florida which I found a super cool place in Boca Raton across from the beach where one of the best surfing spots in the area was and the cute down town restaurants.  

It felt to good to be true! But, then I realized how important family is to me. From all my travels I've learned that you can live in the beautiful places in the world but if you don't have important people to share it with it feels empty. So I moved back to Greenport Long Island N.Y. 

Being back in the North Fork for one year, I started my search for a starter property. I finally find one on the web! It was a cute ranch 3 bed 2 bath on a canal incredibly gorgeous! The place was located in Mastic Beach across from a nature preserve next to a canal going to the ocean. So many people tried to convince me not to buy it, told me negative things about the area. But being there since December I learned it's not as bad as the stories, but there are pockets. Being a traveler I know very well that every where in the world and every state has pockets of good and bad. But, what makes a area better is the people that move into the area.

I feel very inspired to become part of the area because not only do I have a beautiful home, It has gone up at least 100,000 since I bought it. Someone recently told me Anne Winters has a private get away in the area and I know why! Mastic Beach is a hidden Gem! I feel really blessed to have trusted my gut and I adore the privacy the area. I have truly learned home is where the heart is! A place to rest, recover and hide out when the world becomes to big.

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