Southampton Apartments For Rent

Southampton is best known for its famous estate section, sandy beaches and a downtown filled with name brand retailers as well as local boutiques. Southampton Village lies at the heart of Southampton Town. The village is dedicated to its culture and history and is host to The Parrish Art Museum, Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton Historical Museum and a fun-filled 4th of July parade. 

$May through Labor Day
$March 1-31st
$Feburary 1-28th
$January 1-31st
$37,000August 1st to Labor Day
$70,000July 1st thru Labor Day
$35,000July 1-31st
No Stress Summer Rental
$47,000May through Labor Day
$4,000September 1-30th
$28,000August 1st to Labor Day
$40,000July 1st thru Labor Day
$25,000August 1-31st
$25,000July 1-31st
$50,000April through Labor Day
$45,000Memorial Day to Labor Day
$4,000December 1-31st
$4,000November 1-30th
$4,000October 1-31st
$March 1-31st
$Feburary 1-28th
$January 1-31st
Cozy Southampton Studio
$3,500April through May
$3,500March 1-31st
$3,500Feburary 1-28th
$16,125Memorial Day to Labor Day
$3,500April 1-30th
$3,000January 1-31st
$May through Labor Day
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