The distinction Bel Air offers is unparalleled for several reasons. Included in the Platinum Triangle, Bel Air has become synonymous with old money and true Southern California architecture. The famous Bel Air Hotel is beautifully nestled within the community and was recently remodeled by renowned designers Alexandra Champalimaud and David Rockwell.
1091   Laurel Way Beverly Hills LA
$118,000 furnished
10950 Bellagio Rd Bel Air LA
$90,000 furnished
356 St Pierre Rd Bel Air LA
517 Avondale Ave Bel Air LA
$25,000 furnished
1040   Montego Dr Bel Air LA
$13,500 furnished
12239 SHETLAND LN Bel Air LA
905 Hartford DR Beverly Hills LA
$9,800 furnished
11372   Montana Ave Bel Air LA
1104   Casiano Rd Bel Air LA
$8,800 furnished
824   Amherst Ave Bel Air LA
$7,000 furnished
2242   Beverly Glen Pl Bel Air LA
11350   Cashmere St Bel Air LA
1643  N Beverly Glen Blvd Bel Air LA
$5,725 furnished
11845 Mayfield Ave Bel Air LA
530  S Barrington Ave Bel Air LA
1025  S Westgate Ave Bel Air LA
11930 Gorham Ave Bel Air LA
11735   Dorothy St Bel Air LA
11937   Darlington Ave Bel Air LA
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