Sunset Strip

The current seen and be seen neighborhood is the Sunset Strip. Homes up Sunset Plaza and Doheny Drive offer a contemporary twist on mid-century architecture and jet-liner views of the city. The most sought after enclave, known as the Bird Streets, is home to A-list celebrities and record setting sale prices.
Sunset Plaza Chateau$45,000 furnished
Hollywood Hills Villa$45,000 furnished
9570 SUNSET Beverly Hills LA$85,000 furnished
704 N ARDEN DR Beverly Hills LA$75,000 furnished
No photo available
9390 MONTE LEON LN Beverly Hills LA$30,000 furnished
809 N ELM DR Beverly Hills LA$25,000
9331 DOHENY RD Beverly Hills LA$22,000 furnished
2034 HERCULES DR Sunset Strip LA$14,000 furnished
1434 N SPAULDING AVE Sunset Strip LA$9,950 furnished
No photo available
7218 HILLSIDE AVENUE AVENUE #305 Sunset Strip LA$5,200
1440 N ALTA VISTA BL Beverly Grove LA$5,000 furnished
No photo available
$5,000 furnished
No photo available
1440 N ALTA VISTA BLVD Sunset Strip LA$4,500 furnished
7320 HAWTHORN AVE Sunset Strip LA$4,200 furnished
1338 N FORMOSA AVE Sunset Strip LA$4,195
7135 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD #402 Sunset Strip LA$3,995
1440 N ALTA VISTA Sunset Strip LA$4,000 furnished
No photo available
1348 N DETROIT ST Sunset Strip LA$3,500 furnished
1425 N ALTA VISTA BLVD Sunset Strip LA$3,100
1425 N ALTA VISTA BLVD Sunset Strip LA$3,100
1425 N ALTA VISTA BLVD Sunset Strip LA$3,050
1425 ALTA VISTA Sunset Strip LA$3,050
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