Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
1525   Old Oak Rd Brentwood LA$70,000 furnished
318 S Medio Dr Brentwood LA$45,000 furnished
12148   Travis St Brentwood LA$40,000 furnished
521   20Th St LA$24,000
12156 Leven Ln Brentwood LA$19,995
3001   Corda Dr Brentwood LA$17,500
504   24Th St LA$13,000
2231 Westridge Rd Brentwood LA$12,500
955 HARVARD ST Santa Monica LA$11,995
12554  PROMONTORY RD Brentwood LA$10,995
856  S BUNDY DR Brentwood LA$9,995
1262 N Norman Pl Brentwood LA$9,999
11800   Bel Ter Brentwood LA$8,750
1220 N Norman Pl Brentwood LA$8,250
11965 Montana AVE Brentwood LA$7,995
11965 Montana AVE Brentwood LA$7,500
11837   Mayfield Ave Brentwood LA$6,100
1404 N Kenter Ave Brentwood LA$6,000
11848   Kiowa Ave Brentwood LA$5,895
161   Beloit Ave Brentwood LA$5,700 furnished
11345  WATERFORD ST Brentwood LA$5,195
11907 Darlington Ave Brentwood LA$5,000
809  S Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$4,500
11690 MONTANA AVE Brentwood LA$4,500
11907 Darlington Ave Brentwood LA$4,490
11700 Dorothy St Brentwood LA$4,495
11849   Mayfield Ave Brentwood LA$4,250
11789   Montana Ave Brentwood LA$3,495
1000  S Westgate Ave Brentwood LA$3,300
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