Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
12733  W SUNSET BLVD Brentwood LA$85,000 furnished
129 S Rockingham Ave Brentwood LA$195,000 furnished
347 Fordyce Rd Brentwood LA$85,000 furnished
555 N Tigertail Rd Brentwood LA$70,000
11222   CHALON RD Brentwood LA$70,000 furnished
1368   Beckwith Ave Brentwood LA$65,000 furnished
12125 W SUNSET BLVD Brentwood LA$45,000 furnished
12415 Promontory Rd Brentwood LA$40,000 furnished
12148   Travis St Brentwood LA$40,000 furnished
11647   Bellagio Rd Brentwood LA$40,000 furnished
12318 W SUNSET BLVD Brentwood LA$30,000 furnished
302 23rd St LA$29,850
694  N TIGERTAIL RD Brentwood LA$25,000 furnished
765 N Tigertail Rd Brentwood LA$24,500
2000   Westridge Rd Brentwood LA$22,500
1024   23rd St Santa Monica LA$22,500
247 N ROCKINGHAM AVE Brentwood LA$22,000
12315 DOROTHY ST Brentwood LA$22,000
1766   Westridge Rd Brentwood LA$21,500
11314   Gladwin St Brentwood LA$21,000 furnished
201  N Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$20,000
321  S GRETNA GREEN WAY Brentwood LA$20,000 furnished
2210   JEFFERSONIA WAY Brentwood LA$19,995 furnished
1260 N Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$19,500
754   24TH ST LA$18,995
603   25th St LA$18,500
968 Kenfield Ave Brentwood LA$18,500
16564   Park Lane Cir Brentwood LA$18,000 furnished
3685   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$17,500 furnished
941 N Norman Pl Brentwood LA$17,000
11250   Homedale St Brentwood LA$16,000
221  N SALTAIR AVE Brentwood LA$14,995
11381   Thurston Pl Brentwood LA$14,975
16633   Park Lane Cir Brentwood LA$13,500
242 S Anita Ave Brentwood LA$13,500
11359   Bolas St Brentwood LA$12,995
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