Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
Beautiful 2 Bedroom with a  Loft$4,950
Bright spacious 2 Bedroom with a large patio in the heart of Brentwood$3,900
Light and Bright 2 Bedroom in the heart of Brentwood$3,600
118  S CANYON VIEW DR Brentwood LA$39,000
1172  LINDA FLORA DR Brentwood LA$30,000 furnished
717 21St Pl LA$22,000 furnished
201 N BUNDY DR Brentwood LA$19,500
256  N Barrington AVE Brentwood LA$19,000
12320 MONTANA AVE Brentwood LA$14,500
119 S KENTER AVE Brentwood LA$14,000 furnished
603 N Bonhill Rd Brentwood LA$13,500
803 Teakwood Rd Brentwood LA$13,500
523 1/2 S Westgate Ave. Brentwood LA$12,950
224  24th ST LA$11,500
11962  GORHAM AVE Brentwood LA$10,400 furnished
211  S Medio Dr Brentwood LA$8,900
1435   Jonesboro Dr Brentwood LA$8,900
11965 Montana AVE Brentwood LA$7,995
11965 Montana AVE Brentwood LA$7,500
11965 Montana AVE Brentwood LA$7,000
925 YALE ST LA$6,850 furnished
11771  Montana Bel Air LA$6,495
11837 Mayfield Ave Bel Air LA$6,295
11965 Montana AVE Brentwood LA$6,125
2101   California Ave LA$5,995 furnished
122  S CANYON VIEW DR Brentwood LA$5,950
1054 Princeton St LA$5,800
12320 MONTANA AVE Bel Air LA$5,450
1158  WELLESLEY AVE Bel Air LA$5,000 furnished
11735 Dorothy Brentwood LA$4,950
11606 Chenault St Bel Air LA$4,900
11959   Mayfield Ave Bel Air LA$4,895
750  S BUNDY DR Bel Air LA$4,750
951  GRANVILLE AVE Bel Air LA$4,495
2714  Montana LA$4,500
11743 Kiowa Ave Brentwood LA$4,250
46 found