Bel Air

The distinction Bel Air offers is unparalleled for several reasons. Included in the Platinum Triangle, Bel Air has become synonymous with old money and true Southern California architecture. The famous Bel Air Hotel is beautifully nestled within the community and was recently remodeled by renowned designers Alexandra Champalimaud and David Rockwell.
Casa Encantada$225,000,000
The 8th Wonder of the World | 924 Bel Air Rd.$150,000,000
Versace Mansion - West$8,950,000
10614 CHALON RD Bel Air LA$25,999,000
219 S MAPLETON DR Westwood LA$38,500,000
470 LAYTON WAY Bel Air LA$77,500,000
1261 TOWER GROVE DR Beverly Hills LA$19,500,000
300 STONE CANYON RD Bel Air LA$63,000,000
9901 COPLEY DR Beverly Hills LA$38,500,000
1740 BEL AIR RD Bel Air LA$22,900,000
800 TORTUOSO Bel Air LA$45,000,000
10778 CHALON RD Bel Air LA$32,500,000
0 TORTUOSO WAY Bel Air LA$150,000,000
10250 W SUNSET Bel Air LA$78,000,000
1911 WESTRIDGE RD Bel Air LA$34,995,000
1026 RIDGEDALE DR Beverly Hills LA$44,500,000
44 BEVERLY PARK CIR Beverly Hills LA$30,000,000
1300 BEVERLY ESTATE DRIVE Beverly Hills LA$37,950,000
642 PERUGIA WAY Bel Air LA$35,500,000
670 PERUGIA WAY Bel Air LA$43,000,000
627 N CARCASSONNE RD Bel Air LA$65,000,000
10410 BELLAGIO RD Bel Air LA$68,000,000
1441 ANGELO DR Beverly Hills LA$110,000,000
255 LADERA DR Bel Air LA$33,000,000
334 S BURLINGAME AVE Bel Air LA$38,000,000
2571 WALLINGFORD DR Beverly Hills LA$110,000,000
1000 ELDEN WAY Beverly Hills LA$19,995,000
1140 TOWER RD Beverly Hills LA$32,500,000
580 N BEVERLY GLEN Bel Air LA$19,995,000
926 N BEVERLY DR Beverly Hills LA$19,995,000
12745 HANOVER ST Bel Air LA$20,950,000
9660 OAK PASS ROAD Beverly Hills LA$19,975,000
918 N ROXBURY DR Beverly Hills LA$42,500,000
820 N WHITTIER DR Beverly Hills LA$24,995,000
820 N ROXBURY DR Beverly Hills LA$16,995,000
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