Bel Air

The distinction Bel Air offers is unparalleled for several reasons. Included in the Platinum Triangle, Bel Air has become synonymous with old money and true Southern California architecture. The famous Bel Air Hotel is beautifully nestled within the community and was recently remodeled by renowned designers Alexandra Champalimaud and David Rockwell.
755   SARBONNE RD Bel Air LA$58,000,000
1501 Tower Grove Beverly Hills Flats LA$25,950,000
344   Delfern Dr Bel Air LA$34,495,000
1130   CAROLYN WAY Beverly Hills Flats LA$23,995,000
1420   Davies Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$87,000,000
10066 Cielo Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$59,995,000
2505   Summitridge Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$33,000,000
812  N Bedford Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$31,500,000
120  N Glenroy Ave Brentwood LA$22,995,000
670 PERUGIA WAY Bel Air LA$38,500,000
1029   HANOVER DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$27,500,000
133  S Mapleton DR Westwood LA$65,000,000
10701   Levico WAY Bel Air LA$35,000,000
120  N GLENROY AVE Brentwood LA$24,995,000
1 Senderos Canyon Bel Air LA$59,995,000
626   Siena Way Bel Air LA$36,950,000
67   BEVERLY PARK CT Beverly Hills Flats LA$79,500,000
277  ST PIERRE RD Bel Air LA$52,000,000
34  Beverly Park Circle Beverly Hills Flats LA$35,000,000
9945   BEVERLY GROVE DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$25,800,000
780 TORTUOSO WAY Bel Air LA$47,000,000
788 Tortuoso Way Bel Air LA$33,000,000
10102 Angelo View Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$25,495,000
0  PERUGIA WAY Bel Air LA$77,000,000
1690  SUMMITRIDGE DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$36,500,000
2571   WALLINGFORD DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$85,000,000
890   LINDA FLORA DR Brentwood LA$25,950,000
419   St Cloud Rd Bel Air LA$42,950,000
594  S MAPLETON DR Westwood LA$165,000,000
10721   Stradella CT Bel Air LA$150,000,000
620   SIENA WAY Bel Air LA$35,000,000
634   Stone Canyon Rd Bel Air LA$26,000,000
2620   Wallingford Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$24,500,000
24 BEVERLY PARK TER Beverly Hills Flats LA$33,000,000
638   SIENA WAY Bel Air LA$42,500,000
10250  W Sunset Blvd Bel Air LA$65,000,000
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