Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
1911 WESTRIDGE RD Bel Air LA$39,995,000
334 S BURLINGAME AVE Bel Air LA$38,000,000
406 S SALTAIR AVE Bel Air LA$50,000,000
12745 HANOVER ST Bel Air LA$20,950,000
12255 SKY LN Bel Air LA$36,000,000
244 N BRISTOL AVE Bel Air LA$18,995,000
1611 OLD OAK RD Bel Air LA$17,000,000
12834 HIGHWOOD ST Bel Air LA$17,695,000
421 N SALTAIR AVE Bel Air LA$16,995,000
7 OAKMONT DR Bel Air LA$14,900,000
1708 WESTRIDGE RD Bel Air LA$12,000,000
254 S WESTGATE AVE Bel Air LA$10,895,000
12262 SKY LN Bel Air LA$9,950,000
540 CRESTLINE DR Bel Air LA$8,999,000
254 N BRISTOL AVE Bel Air LA$8,700,000
13023 W SUNSET Bel Air LA$8,595,000
350 N SALTAIR AVE Bel Air LA$8,500,000
543 MORENO AVE Bel Air LA$7,995,000
13052 EVANSTON ST Bel Air LA$7,895,000
147 S CARMELINA AVE Bel Air LA$7,249,000
1862 MANGO WAY Bel Air LA$6,500,000
12345 DEERBROOK LN Bel Air LA$5,950,000
1076 CARRARA PL Bel Air LA$5,950,000
158 N ANITA AVE Bel Air LA$5,695,000
600 MORENO AVE Bel Air LA$5,695,000
2244 MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Bel Air LA$5,200,000
1739 WESTRIDGE RD Bel Air LA$5,100,000
267 BELOIT AVE Bel Air LA$5,000,000
1043 N NORMAN PL Bel Air LA$4,999,990
1977 MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Bel Air LA$4,785,000
2098 MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Bel Air LA$4,545,000
533 24TH ST LA$4,500,000
1104 N TIGERTAIL RD Bel Air LA$4,495,000
12509 W SUNSET Bel Air LA$4,450,000
11993 BRENTRIDGE LN Bel Air LA$4,299,000
12432 W SUNSET Bel Air LA$4,295,000
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