Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
120  N Glenroy Ave Brentwood LA$22,995,000
400  N Bristol Ave Brentwood LA$29,995,000
13158 Boca De Canon LN Brentwood LA$24,995,000
470 Layton Way Brentwood LA$52,000,000
890   LINDA FLORA DR Brentwood LA$25,950,000
11100   Chalon Rd Brentwood LA$23,000,000
735  N Bonhill Rd Brentwood LA$21,995,000
441  N BRISTOL AVE Brentwood LA$21,000,000
22   Oakmont Dr Brentwood LA$18,995,000
11630   MORAGA LN Brentwood LA$18,800,000
1923   LA MESA DR LA$16,900,000
1043 N Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$15,995,000
950  Kenfield Ave Brentwood LA$14,995,000
2406   La Mesa Dr LA$14,750,000
2333   MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Brentwood LA$14,250,000
1498   Moraga Dr Brentwood LA$13,995,000
1774   WESTRIDGE RD Brentwood LA$12,995,000
269  S Rockingham Ave Brentwood LA$12,500,000
501  N SALTAIR AVE Brentwood LA$12,000,000
12318   19TH HELENA DR Brentwood LA$11,949,000
837   BERKELEY ST Santa Monica LA$11,650,000
1756   Correa Way Brentwood LA$10,995,000
417  N Kenter Ave Brentwood LA$10,995,000
926   Centinela Ave Santa Monica LA$10,500,000
11797   CHAPARAL ST Brentwood LA$10,500,000
12119   Travis St Brentwood LA$10,120,000
883   Linda Flora Dr Brentwood LA$9,950,000
11666 MAYFIELD AVE Brentwood LA$9,895,000
871   Leonard Rd Brentwood LA$9,750,000
31   OAKMONT DR Brentwood LA$9,000,000
12318 19TH HELENA DR Brentwood LA$8,800,000
13162   BOCA DE CANON LN Brentwood LA$8,475,000
13126   Garden Land Rd Brentwood LA$7,500,000
1211   LINDA FLORA DR Brentwood LA$7,495,000
466 Halvern Dr Brentwood LA$6,995,000
1016  N BUNDY DR Brentwood LA$6,995,000
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