Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
2188 Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$70,000,000
441  N Rockingham Ave Brentwood LA$14,750,000
12825   San Vicente Blvd Brentwood LA$12,995,000
12119 Travis St Brentwood LA$12,975,000
2012   La Mesa Dr LA$11,995,000
952  N TIGERTAIL Rd Brentwood LA$11,895,000
1505   Old Oak Rd Brentwood LA$9,995,000
881   Berkeley St LA$9,950,000
1610 Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$8,995,000
11222 Chalon Rd Brentwood LA$8,995,000
367  S Canyon View Dr Brentwood LA$7,895,000
711 Linda Flora Dr Brentwood LA$7,500,000
711 21St Pl LA$7,495,000
225   22nd St LA$7,295,000
868  Leonard Rd Brentwood LA$6,995,000
120 Homewood Rd Brentwood LA$5,995,000
515  S Westgate Ave Brentwood LA$5,850,000
521   20Th St LA$5,698,000
229   22ND St LA$5,300,000
492 N Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$5,200,000
333   22nd St LA$5,150,000
12310  W Sunset Blvd Brentwood LA$4,999,999
258   21St Pl LA$4,995,000
1607  N Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$4,995,000
12960   Brentwood Ter Brentwood LA$4,949,000
815   Leonard Rd Brentwood LA$4,498,000
13266   Ponderosa Dr Brentwood LA$3,699,900
4021   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$3,695,000
2050 Westridge Rd Brentwood LA$3,595,000
11426 Chenault St Brentwood LA$3,595,000
1020   Casiano Rd Brentwood LA$3,599,000
830   Stanford St LA$3,295,000
876 N Norman Pl Brentwood LA$3,100,000
1023   Centinela Ave LA$2,995,000
2113   Stoney Hill Rd Brentwood LA$2,995,000
12100   Dorothy St Brentwood LA$2,950,000
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