Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
13058  Rivers RD Brentwood LA$64,500,000
11100 Chalon Rd Brentwood LA$21,900,000
22 Oakmont Dr Brentwood LA$23,750,000
624 N Bonhill Rd Brentwood LA$32,500,000
3100 MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Brentwood LA$21,500,000
2528 La Mesa Way LA$10,995,000
12119 Travis St Brentwood LA$10,895,000
1332 Allenford Ave Brentwood LA$8,999,000
248 24Th St LA$8,995,000
1610   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$8,995,000
224   Glenroy Pl Brentwood LA$6,300,000
12156 Leven Ln Brentwood LA$5,995,000
515  S Westgate Ave Brentwood LA$5,599,000
342  S Anita Ave Brentwood LA$5,495,000
320 N Skyewiay Rd Brentwood LA$4,895,000
12321 Rochedale Ln Brentwood LA$4,650,000
740   21st Pl LA$4,598,000
469   21St St LA$4,495,000
1043   Franklin St Santa Monica LA$4,395,000
1401  N Tigertail Rd Brentwood LA$3,999,000
2930   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$3,999,000
806 Teakwood Rd Brentwood LA$3,895,000
2088 DEER RUN LN Brentwood LA$3,840,000
311   21St Pl LA$3,750,000
746   20Th St LA$3,295,000
12180  W Sunset Blvd Brentwood LA$3,100,000
827   Leonard Rd Brentwood LA$2,995,000
11120 W Sunset Blvd Brentwood LA$2,995,000
12528  The Vista Brentwood LA$2,880,000
11645   Montana Ave Brentwood LA$799,000
2206   The Ter Brentwood LA$1,650,000
12361 Ridge CIR Brentwood LA$1,590,000
1141   24Th St Santa Monica LA$2,490,000
3411   Merrimac Rd Brentwood LA$2,150,000
836 S Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$798,000
11363   Burnham St Brentwood LA$1,839,000
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