Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
Stunning Upper Riviera Dream Home$13,995,000
717 N Tigertail Rd Bel Air LA$39,950,000
130 S Burlingame Ave Bel Air LA$16,995,000
13153 Rivers Rd Bel Air LA$9,995,000
615 25th St LA$8,395,000
1204 Chickory Ln Bel Air LA$6,950,000
745 & 747 Moreno Ave Bel Air LA$6,495,000
11974 Foxboro Dr Bel Air LA$5,595,000
657 N Saltair Ave Bel Air LA$5,095,000
2488 Westridge Rd Bel Air LA$4,890,000
341 23Rd St LA$4,595,000
1783 Mandeville Canyon Rd Bel Air LA$4,499,000
527 Hanley Pl Bel Air LA$4,299,000
13258 Chalon Rd Bel Air LA$4,295,000
323 S Anita Ave Bel Air LA$4,150,000
914 26Th St LA$3,895,000
12305 Rochedale Ln Bel Air LA$3,699,000
765 Marzella Ave Bel Air LA$3,649,000
2116 Queensferry Rd Bel Air LA$3,495,000
550 Hanley Ave Bel Air LA$3,495,000
1262 N Norman Pl Bel Air LA$3,200,000
1229 22nd St Santa Monica LA$3,200,000
13014 Brentwood Ter Bel Air LA$3,175,000
706 S Westgate AVE Bel Air LA$2,995,000
1340 N Tigertail Rd Bel Air LA$2,860,000
11811 Kiowa Ave Bel Air LA$1,585,000
11500 San Vicente Blvd Bel Air LA$1,999,000
2021 California LA$889,900
906 20Th St LA$1,689,000
11847 Gorham Ave Bel Air LA$1,149,000
289 S Barrington Ave Bel Air LA$635,000
277 S Barrington Ave Bel Air LA$1,495,000
11670 W Sunset Blvd Bel Air LA$1,197,000
11970 Montana Ave Bel Air LA$899,000
1020 Granville Ave Bel Air LA$699,900
951 Granville Ave Bel Air LA$1,179,000
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