Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
11507   ORUM RD Brentwood LA$22,900,000
1923   LA MESA DR LA$19,750,000
2383   MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Brentwood LA$17,999,000
12318   19TH HELENA DR Brentwood LA$12,949,000
664   ELKINS RD Brentwood LA$11,995,000
12119   Travis St Brentwood LA$9,895,000
11706   Chaparal St Brentwood LA$8,995,000
1060   CARRARA PL Brentwood LA$7,850,000
1227  N Tigertail RD Brentwood LA$7,750,000
116  S GRETNA GREEN WAY Brentwood LA$7,395,000
11915   DARLINGTON AVE Brentwood LA$7,200,000
282   BENTLEY CIR Brentwood LA$6,399,000
11467 THURSTON CIR Brentwood LA$5,499,000
466 Downes Rd Brentwood LA$5,495,000
1739   WESTRIDGE RD Brentwood LA$5,195,000
1305   CASIANO RD Brentwood LA$4,900,000
310   BELOIT AVE Brentwood LA$3,998,000
2110   COUNTRY HILL LN Brentwood LA$3,995,000
11348   THURSTON CIR Brentwood LA$3,495,000
136 N CANYON VIEW DR Brentwood LA$3,350,000
11120  W Sunset Blvd Brentwood LA$3,100,000
3371   MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Brentwood LA$2,950,000
11368   HOMEDALE ST Brentwood LA$2,950,000
12427  W SUNSET BLVD Brentwood LA$2,899,000
838 S GRETNA GREEN WAY Brentwood LA$2,800,000
11628 CHENAULT ST Brentwood LA$1,649,000
11847   GORHAM AVE Brentwood LA$1,175,000
11845   MAYFIELD AVE Brentwood LA$999,000
11706 MONTANA AVE Brentwood LA$975,000
11690  MONTANA AVE Brentwood LA$1,495,000
11750  W SUNSET BLVD Brentwood LA$1,079,000
11332 JOFFRE ST Brentwood LA$1,875,000
259  S BARRINGTON AVE Brentwood LA$1,340,000
11627 CHENAULT ST Brentwood LA$1,150,000
531   BELOIT AVE Brentwood LA$2,395,000
11949   GOSHEN AVE Brentwood LA$955,000
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