Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
347   Fordyce Rd Brentwood LA$65,000 furnished
8 Oakmont Dr Brentwood LA$44,995
11647 Bellagio Rd Brentwood LA$40,000 furnished
11706   Chaparal St Brentwood LA$35,000 furnished
12320 21St Helena Dr Brentwood LA$35,000
517  AVONDALE AVE Brentwood LA$25,000 furnished
265  S WESTGATE AVE Brentwood LA$24,000 furnished
420   Cascada Way Brentwood LA$22,500
1336  N Tigertail Rd Brentwood LA$20,000
902 Berkeley St Santa Monica LA$20,000
2727   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$16,000
13324  W SUNSET Brentwood LA$15,000 furnished
504   24Th St LA$14,250
324 N Bonhill Rd Brentwood LA$13,500
753 20Th St LA$12,500
945   Kenfield Ave Brentwood LA$11,500
856  S BUNDY DR Brentwood LA$11,000
2324   Banyan Dr Brentwood LA$11,000
1262 N Norman Pl Brentwood LA$9,999
11800   Bel Ter Brentwood LA$8,750
11331   Isleta St Brentwood LA$8,498
852 20Th St Santa Monica LA$8,495
1044  YALE ST Santa Monica LA$8,450
1453 ALLENFORD AVE Brentwood LA$8,200
1036 N Kenter Ave Brentwood LA$7,995
1143  N TIGERTAIL RD Brentwood LA$7,900
387  N Bonhill Rd Brentwood LA$7,500
410 S Barrington Ave Brentwood LA$7,000 furnished
1480   Allenford Ave Brentwood LA$6,750
1930 WASHINGTON AVE Santa Monica LA$6,580
11965 Montana AVE Brentwood LA$6,500
400 S BARRINGTON AVE Brentwood LA$6,500
11847 Kiowa Brentwood LA$6,495
12320   MONTANA AVE Brentwood LA$6,350 furnished
575 S Barrington Ave Brentwood LA$5,995
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