Sunset Strip

The current seen and be seen neighborhood is the Sunset Strip. Homes up Sunset Plaza and Doheny Drive offer a contemporary twist on mid-century architecture and jet-liner views of the city. The most sought after enclave, known as the Bird Streets, is home to A-list celebrities and record setting sale prices.
1369 LONDONDERRY PL Sunset Strip LA$29,950,000
807 Cinthia ST Beverly Hills Post Office | B.H.P.O. LA$29,988,000
1305 Collingwood Pl Sunset Strip LA$29,500,000
9200 SWALLOW DR Sunset Strip LA$15,995,000
2100 SUNSET PLAZA DR Sunset Strip LA$15,000,000
1401 Londonderry Pl Sunset Strip LA$13,900,000
7729 GRANITO DR Hollywood Hills East LA$12,995,000
1871 Marcheeta PL Sunset Strip LA$9,950,000
1860 N Doheny Dr Sunset Strip LA$9,950,000
8871 St Ives Dr Sunset Strip LA$8,299,999
836 N Poinsettia PL Hollywood Hills East LA$7,495,000
8718 St Ives Dr Sunset Strip LA$6,795,000
9261 Warbler Way Sunset Strip LA$5,699,000
9294 Thrush way Sunset Strip LA$5,400,000
1809 N STANLEY AVE Hollywood Hills East LA$5,100,000
9019 ELEVADO Sunset Strip LA$4,750,000
734 N Harper Ave Hollywood Hills East LA$4,589,000
7350 HOLLYWOOD Hollywood Hills East LA$4,495,000
9049 Shoreham Dr Sunset Strip LA$4,495,000
822 N Genesee Ave Hollywood Hills East LA$4,295,000
829 N Ogden Dr Hollywood Hills East LA$4,195,000
8981 St Ives Dr Sunset Strip LA$3,995,000
736 N CURSON AVE Hollywood Hills East LA$4,000,000
1614 Sunset Plaza Dr Sunset Strip LA$3,995,000
701 HUNTLEY DR Sunset Strip LA$3,695,000
8130 Laurel View DR Sunset Strip LA$3,695,000
810 N Spaulding Ave Hollywood Hills East LA$3,595,000
9260 WARBLER WAY Sunset Strip LA$3,599,000
702 N Doheny DR Sunset Strip LA$3,275,000
959 N Vista St Hollywood Hills East LA$3,250,000
1100 ALTA LOMA RD Sunset Strip LA$3,250,000
1724 N Orange Grove Ave Hollywood Hills East LA$2,999,900
1280 N SWEETZER AVE Sunset Strip LA$3,000,000
8650 METZ PL Sunset Strip LA$2,999,000
8556 FRANKLIN AVE Sunset Strip LA$2,995,000
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