Santa Monica

Santa Monica
Perched above the Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica offers incredible ocean views stretched across three miles of scenic beaches. Tourists are attracted to hotspots like the Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade, and trendy Montana Avenue.
Prestigious Santa Monica Ocean Front  Double Lot with Beach House
1267 PALISADES BEACH RD Santa Monica LA$21,800,000
435 MARGUERITA AVE LA$17,995,000
609 PALISADES BEACH RD LA$19,995,000
121 ESPARTA WAY LA$13,995,000
1709 GEORGINA AVE LA$12,888,000
2202 GEORGINA AVE LA$11,999,000
430 ADELAIDE DR LA$11,000,000
1415 6TH ST Santa Monica LA$9,990,000
365 24TH ST LA$8,900,000
615 25TH ST LA$8,795,000
110 OCEAN PARK BLVD Santa Monica LA$8,750,000
543 MORENO AVE LA$7,995,000
308 ALTA AVE LA$7,995,000
718 10TH ST LA$7,750,000
808 SAN VICENTE BLVD LA$7,695,000
218 ALTA AVE LA$7,500,000
127 HOLLISTER AVE Santa Monica LA$6,750,000
734 18TH ST LA$6,495,000
370 21ST PL LA$6,495,000
902 BERKELEY ST LA$5,995,000
603 OCEAN AVE LA$5,950,000
600 MORENO AVE LA$5,800,000
229 19TH ST LA$5,799,999
990 S CARMELINA AVE LA$5,795,000
844 BERKELEY ST LA$5,750,000
544 EUCLID ST LA$5,750,000
520 STASSI LN LA$5,695,000
1705 OCEAN AVE Santa Monica LA$5,650,000
334 25TH ST LA$5,439,000
840 23RD ST LA$4,850,000
1018 S GRETNA GREEN WAY LA$4,795,000
451 16TH ST LA$4,750,000
1025 S CARMELINA AVE LA$4,700,000
229 22ND ST LA$4,698,000
1607 CARLYLE AVE LA$4,695,000
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