Santa Monica

Santa Monica
Perched above the Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica offers incredible ocean views stretched across three miles of scenic beaches. Tourists are attracted to hotspots like the Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade, and trendy Montana Avenue.
1525   San Vicente Blvd LA$90,000,000
438   Palisades Ave LA$16,195,000
126 MABERY RD LA$15,000,000
1020   Palisades Beach Rd LA$10,995,000
458 19Th St LA$9,495,000
927 OCEAN AVE LA$9,495,000
585 S Burlingame Ave Brentwood LA$8,995,000
1208   Georgina Ave LA$8,849,000
1540   7Th St Santa Monica LA$8,295,000
455   21St Pl LA$7,395,000
12 Seaview Ter Santa Monica LA$6,495,000
1609   San Vicente BLVD LA$6,395,000
101 Ocean Ave LA$6,250,000
844   6Th St LA$6,000,000
728 12Th St LA$5,995,000
1227   21St St Santa Monica LA$5,650,000
1024  S Gretna Green Way Brentwood LA$5,298,000
451   16Th St LA$5,250,000
848   18Th St LA$5,195,000
632   16Th St LA$4,895,000
1827   9Th St Santa Monica LA$4,750,000
1827   9Th St Santa Monica LA$4,750,000
554   14Th St LA$4,500,000
850   Franklin St LA$4,495,000
701  OCEAN AVE LA$4,195,000
1755  Ocean AVE Santa Monica LA$3,995,000
638 11TH ST LA$3,795,000
249 7Th Ave Marina Del Rey LA$3,590,000
831 12Th St LA$3,400,000
1838   20Th St Santa Monica LA$3,100,000
1036   22Nd St LA$2,995,000
12100 Dorothy St Brentwood LA$2,950,000
1165  N Stanford St LA$2,856,000
1427   21St St Santa Monica LA$2,850,000
436   Pier Ave LA$2,849,000
629   Pico Pl LA$2,800,000
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