Hollywood Hills East

As one of the largest tourist attractions in the country, Hollywood California is home to the Walk of Fame and celebrity packed red carpets. The allure of old Hollywood still exist with enclaves like the Hollywood Dell and Beachwood Canyon offering architecturally integral homes for some of Los Angeles’ tastemakers.
Breathtaking Modern Spanish in the Hollywood Hills$2,799,999
Hollywood Hills Development Opportunity$590,000
Laurel Canyon Retreat w/Views!$1,275,000
720 N ALTA DR Beverly Hills LA$25,950,000
No photo available
1335 CARLA LN Beverly Hills LA$21,995,000
1966 CARLA RDG Beverly Hills LA$46,000,000
430 ROBERT LN Beverly Hills LA$21,000,000
No photo available
2002 LOMA VISTA DR Beverly Hills LA$27,995,000
11951 CREST PL Beverly Hills LA$24,995,000
1510 LOMA VISTA DR Beverly Hills LA$19,500,000
2864 CAHUENGA BLVD Hollywood Hills East LA$30,000,000
1110 MAYTOR PL Beverly Hills LA$17,950,000
1175 N HILLCREST RD Beverly Hills LA$59,995,000
1620 CARLA RIDGE Beverly Hills LA$22,500,000
12063 CREST CT Beverly Hills LA$18,500,000
709 N ARDEN DR Beverly Hills LA$16,295,000
1901 ORCHID AVE Hollywood Hills East LA$15,975,000
1107 N HILLCREST RD Beverly Hills LA$15,995,000
No photo available
1049 LOMA VISTA DR Beverly Hills LA$15,625,000
705 N ARDEN DR Beverly Hills LA$15,600,000
635 BURK PL Beverly Hills LA$15,000,000
24687 PACIFIC COAST HWY Malibu LA$14,250,000
2341 GLOAMING WAY Beverly Hills LA$13,800,000
1041 N HILLCREST RD Beverly Hills LA$12,995,000
1479 CARLA RDG Beverly Hills LA$12,750,000
610 BURK PL Beverly Hills LA$11,995,000
2680 BOWMONT DR Beverly Hills LA$11,000,000
535 HAYNES AVE Beverly Hills LA$10,995,000
1240 LOMA VISTA DR Beverly Hills LA$9,995,000
9390 MONTE LEON LN Beverly Hills LA$9,999,500
No photo available
525 ARKELL DR Beverly Hills LA$8,800,000
1039 WALLACE RIDGE Beverly Hills LA$8,599,000
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