Bel Air

The distinction Bel Air offers is unparalleled for several reasons. Included in the Platinum Triangle, Bel Air has become synonymous with old money and true Southern California architecture. The famous Bel Air Hotel is beautifully nestled within the community and was recently remodeled by renowned designers Alexandra Champalimaud and David Rockwell.
1101 Stradella Rd Bel Air LA$15,520,000
1254 Roberto Ln Bel Air LA$14,995,000
1815 Bel Air Rd Bel Air LA$15,000,000
3075   Nicada DR Bel Air LA$15,000,000
1169   Angelo Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$14,998,000
10048   Cielo Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$13,499,000
2719   BENEDICT CANYON DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$13,495,000
2170   STRADELLA RD Bel Air LA$13,000,000
1262  Moraga DR Brentwood LA$12,998,000
1235   TOWER RD Beverly Hills Flats LA$12,900,000
1196 SUMMIT DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$12,595,000
1498   Moraga Dr Brentwood LA$12,500,000
1250  ANGELO DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$12,495,000
10542   Fontenelle Way Bel Air LA$11,995,000
14100 MULHOLLAND DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$12,000,000
1260 Shadow Hill Way Beverly Hills Flats LA$11,995,000
15216   Antelo Pl Bel Air LA$11,995,000
1145  STRADELLA RD Bel Air LA$11,000,000
9830   Cardigan Pl Beverly Hills Flats LA$10,995,000
2148 Stratford Cir Bel Air LA$10,900,000
10509   VESTONE WAY Bel Air LA$10,900,000
146   Groverton Pl Bel Air LA$10,900,000
9894   Beverly Grove Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$10,500,000
13211 Mulholland Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$10,500,000
2496   Lancelot Ln Bel Air LA$10,000,000
10101  W SUNSET BLVD Bel Air LA$9,995,000
10981   Bellagio Rd Bel Air LA$9,995,000
1800   Angelo Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$9,995,000
883   Linda Flora Dr Brentwood LA$9,950,000
976 BEL AIR RD Bel Air LA$9,850,000
1125   SAN YSIDRO DR Beverly Hills Flats LA$9,390,000
344 Dalehurst Ave Westwood LA$8,995,000
1021   Chevy Chase Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$8,950,000
540  N BEVERLY GLEN BLVD Bel Air LA$8,950,000
9625   Oak Pass Rd Beverly Hills Flats LA$8,800,000
2071 N Beverly Dr Beverly Hills Flats LA$8,500,000
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