Los Angeles’ most exclusive beach community is home to some of the cities most affluent residents. Stretched across 27-miles of scenic views and bound by Topanga Canyon, the Santa Monica Mountains, and Ventura County—Malibu has beautiful views of the ocean, canyons, and city. Tucked behind the Pacific Coast Highway are picturesque beach homes just steps from the water. The guard-gated enclave Malibu Colony has access to the best private beaches and celebrity residences. Popular public beaches like Zuma, Point Dume, and Surfrider beach are perfect surfing locations.
23768   Malibu Rd Malibu LA$28,500,000
2860 Sweetwater Mesa Rd Malibu LA$39,000,000
21958 Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu LA$58,500,000
27930  PACIFIC COAST HWY Malibu LA$115,000,000
23634   Malibu Colony Rd Malibu LA$25,000,000
26944 Malibu Cove Colony DR Malibu LA$16,995,000
23644  MALIBU RD Malibu LA$15,950,000
6763   Zumirez Dr Malibu LA$15,500,000
23445   Malibu Colony Rd Malibu LA$14,900,000
31460 Broad Beach Rd Malibu LA$12,900,000
31508   Victoria Point Rd Malibu LA$12,200,000
11958  Ellice ST Malibu LA$11,950,000
23515   Malibu Colony Rd Malibu LA$11,495,000
6254 Busch Dr Malibu LA$8,250,000
4102   Encinal Canyon Rd Malibu LA$8,000,000
0 Latigo Malibu LA$8,000,000
23907  MALIBU ROAD Malibu LA$6,850,000
31478 Broad Beach Rd Malibu LA$6,450,000
6672   Zumirez Dr Malibu LA$6,250,000
31518   Anacapa View Dr Malibu LA$5,995,000
3367   Rambla Pacifico Malibu LA$5,650,000
6965 FERNHILL DR Malibu LA$5,250,000
4800   Latigo Canyon Rd Malibu LA$5,250,000
6307   Via Cataldo St Malibu LA$4,995,000
6180   Busch Dr Malibu LA$4,695,000
24500   Vantage Point Ter Malibu LA$4,510,000
12555   Yerba Buena Rd Malibu LA$4,495,000
5961   FLORIS HEIGHTS RD Malibu LA$3,160,000
23430  W Moon Shadows Dr Malibu LA$3,000,000
9951   Cotharin Rd Malibu LA$3,000,000
31131 Bailard Rd Malibu LA$2,895,000
6005   PASEO CANYON Dr Malibu LA$2,695,000
11111 Cotharin RD Malibu LA$1,100,000
28374   Rey De Copas Ln Malibu LA$775,000
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