Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
1700   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$16,500,000
441  N Cliffwood Ave Brentwood LA$12,950,000
12119   Travis St Brentwood LA$10,895,000
415 N Cliffwood Ave Brentwood LA$9,750,000
11496 Orum Rd Brentwood LA$8,999,000
12002 Benmore Ter Brentwood LA$8,795,000
1444 Moraga Dr Brentwood LA$8,625,000
12320   21St Helena Dr Brentwood LA$8,250,000
133 N Layton Dr Brentwood LA$7,495,000
466 Downes Rd Brentwood LA$5,950,000
1977   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$5,395,000
391 N Saltair Ave Brentwood LA$4,995,000
1607  N Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$4,995,000
311   23rd St LA$4,975,000
1305   Casiano Rd Brentwood LA$4,949,000
11938   Currituck Dr Brentwood LA$4,850,000
1401  N Tigertail Rd Brentwood LA$4,675,000
127 N Bowling Green Way Brentwood LA$4,499,000
1100 Wellesley Ave Brentwood LA$4,448,000
3354   Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$3,600,000
1337  N Tigertail Rd Brentwood LA$3,550,000
1020   Casiano Rd Brentwood LA$3,250,000
1378   Casiano Rd Brentwood LA$2,985,000
12100   Dorothy St Brentwood LA$2,950,000
16627   Park Lane Cir Brentwood LA$2,950,000
1001  25th ST Santa Monica LA$2,850,000
12001   Goshen Ave Brentwood LA$799,000
2785 Mandeville Canyon Rd Brentwood LA$2,635,000
11740 W Sunset Blvd Brentwood LA$1,150,000
1000 S Westgate Ave Brentwood LA$1,135,000
11937  W Sunset Blvd Brentwood LA$2,072,000
530 S Barrington Ave Brentwood LA$875,000
11816   Gorham Ave Brentwood LA$825,000
12119  W Sunset Blvd Brentwood LA$2,450,000
441  S Barrington Ave Brentwood LA$1,695,000
11849 Mayfield Ave Brentwood LA$849,000
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