Family friendly Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood with celebrity residents, high-end shopping, and posh restaurants such as Georgio Baldi.
492  N Bundy Dr Brentwood LA$5,700,000
1260  N BUNDY DR Brentwood LA$5,685,000
11467   THURSTON CIR Brentwood LA$5,499,000
1739   WESTRIDGE RD Brentwood LA$5,195,000
824   22nd ST Santa Monica LA$4,999,000
941  N NORMAN PL Brentwood LA$5,000,000
242  S CARMELINA AVE Brentwood LA$4,695,000
1305   CASIANO RD Brentwood LA$4,550,000
2774   MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Brentwood LA$4,395,000
330   22ND ST LA$4,350,000
1043   Franklin St Santa Monica LA$4,295,000
362  S Canyon View Brentwood LA$4,195,000
11250   Homedale St Brentwood LA$3,995,000
348  S Canyon View DR Brentwood LA$3,995,000
2110   COUNTRY HILL LN Brentwood LA$3,995,000
2088   DEER RUN LN Brentwood LA$3,840,000
356  S Canyon View DR Brentwood LA$3,795,000
2200 Westridge Rd Brentwood LA$3,700,000
541  S WESTGATE AVE Brentwood LA$3,700,000
218 N BUNDY DR Brentwood LA$3,499,000
2216 WESTRIDGE RD Brentwood LA$3,495,000
11348   THURSTON CIR Brentwood LA$3,495,000
1714 WESTRIDGE RD Brentwood LA$3,300,000
311  N BOWLING GREEN WAY Brentwood LA$3,300,000
11359   BOLAS ST Brentwood LA$3,195,000
1121   Yale ST Santa Monica LA$3,088,888
11805   BELLAGIO RD Brentwood LA$2,999,900
13501   BAYLISS RD Brentwood LA$2,995,000
277   BRONWOOD AVE Brentwood LA$2,895,000
2117   Eric Dr Brentwood LA$2,875,000
415 S BENTLEY AVE Brentwood LA$2,850,000
1033  CHELSEA AVE Santa Monica LA$2,849,000
1121   22nd St Santa Monica LA$2,800,000
3469   MANDEVILLE CANYON RD Brentwood LA$2,599,000
1044   20TH ST Santa Monica LA$1,649,000
289  S BARRINGTON AVE Brentwood LA$710,000
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