Justin Bieber, Rihanna, other celebrities flooding the Hamptons this summer

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By Paul Best
July 3, 2020


Celebrities are flooding the Hamptons this summer amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Celebrity real estate agent Dylan Eckardt told FOX Business that he secured Justin Bieber a three-week stay at a Montauk house for $375,000, and he got Rihanna a monthlong rental for $415,000.

Other celebrities, including Madonna, John Legend, Beyonce and Jay-Z, have already been in the Hamptons this summer, and Meek Mill is looking for a place now, according to Eckardt.

The news comes as other regular summer vacation spots, such as Europe, are unavailable due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Eckardt, the self-described "Prince of Montauk," said this has made the Hamptons even more of a prime location for celebrities.

"People ask me everyday, 'Why Justin, why Rihanna, why Marc Anthony? Why do they come to you?' You know why? Because the Hamptons and Montauk is a place where you can hide, but yet be seen. I like to say you can hide but stay relevant," Eckardt said.

As people have flooded the Hamptons from the tri-state area, demand for short-term rentals has skyrocketed. Eckardt said Bieber actually wanted a rental for just one or two weeks but had to up the offer to three weeks to get the house he wanted, which wasn’t even on the market. Page Six originally reported Bieber's rental.

A representative for Bieber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dottie Herman, chief executive of Douglas Elliman, told the New York Times in May that "supply will be limited" for rentals this summer.

Eckardt said the supply has already run out.

"To be honest with you, there are no more houses. I want to make T-shirts that say, 'The Hamptons is sold out. Talk to me in September,'" Eckardt said. "I'm getting hit up 500 times a day. But also by people who are willing to pay 200,000 for August, and I have to tell them no."

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