Crazy Rich Agents, the UK’s answer to Selling Sunset: all the news and info you need


Aug. 15, 2023


"One deal will change their lives. Rookies battle to become luxury real estate's next big thing. They only get paid if they make a sale - who'll hack it in the high-end hustle?" Sound familiar? While you may be thinking, 'hm, is season seven of Selling Sunset coming sooner than I think?' you'd be entirely wrong in your logic.

In fact, this is a brief description of Crazy Rich Agents, the BBC's new offering that has rightly been dubbed as the UK's answer to Netflix's US real estate reality show. Of course, its name is also a clever play on the 2018 hit film, Crazy Rich Asians, which starred Gemma Chan, Constance Wu, Awkwafina and Michelle Yeoh.

Set in London, BBC's commissioning editor Max Gogarty has said the series offers a "unique insight into the booming luxury property market in the UK" and shows "the highs and lows of working in this world for the young agents that are trying to make it."

Oh, and there's one other thing I reckon you can probably be sure of. Which is that there's bound to be some Christine Quinn x Chrishell Stause-like drama packed in there somewhere. IMO, it simply can't be a high-end real estate reality show without it.

Here's everything you need to know about Crazy Rich Agents, from its cast, plot to where you can watch it...

What is Crazy Rich Agents about?

According to IMDb's synopsis, the series follows "seven rookie estate agents as they put everything on the line to sell some of the most impressive and exclusive properties in the UK - from Scottish castles to penthouse apartments, seaside mansions to gated estates."

BBC Two's rundown also details that "six-figure commission cheques" are at stake that "could make or break them." Plus, it reveals that - whoever performs the best over the summer for Nest Seekers, the luxury brokerage firm (i.e. who sells the most houses and makes the most money) - they'll get the opportunity to work at the agency’s headquarters in New York.

Who will appear in Crazy Rich Agents?

OK, so viewers can expect a pretty diverse line-up by the looks of things. Cue Georgie June, a former care home behavioural therapist and "property nerd," former building society worker Krishan Mistry, music exec Mike Love, former pro footballer Daniel McPeake, and Vanesa Tonova, all competing for the big bucks (or pounds) and the prestigious New York job.

They'll be joined on their real estate journey by seasoned broker Vanesa Tonova and their CEO, former investment banker Eddie Shapiro, who broke the news that the winner will receive the NY placement.

Where can I watch Crazy Rich Agents?

You'll want to catch up people, because the first ep has already dropped. Airing on BBC Two on Sunday 6th August, the following episodes will land every Sunday at 9pm. But (if like us) you want to binge the whole thing in one go, all four episodes are readily available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

You can also catch the trailer below...


Georgie June
Georgie June
Real Estate Advisor
Daniel McPeake
Daniel McPeake
Managing Director - Nest Seekers London East
Krishan Mistry
Krishan Mistry
Real Estate Broker