Nest Seekers International Transforms Greek Real Estate with Top Agents, Global Reach, and Upcoming TV Series

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Jan. 31, 2024

ATHENS, Greece, January 31, 2024--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nest Seekers International, a leader in luxury real estate, is reshaping the Greek real estate landscape with its skilled team, international reach, and outstanding property listings. Embracing innovation, Nest Seekers is eyeing Greece as a potential venue for a new television series, supplementing its existing shows featured on platforms like Max, Netflix, and the BBC. The expansion across Greece reflects the nation's appeal as a prime European destination for real estate investments and the Golden Visa program.

Leading the way at Nest Seekers Greece are Dimitra Giakoumaki and Dragana Belojevic-Jankovic, a dynamic force whose combined experience, tireless work ethic, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made them renowned leaders in the Greek real estate industry.

Dimitra Giakoumaki, the Managing Director at Nest Seekers Greece, is a passionate and experienced leader in the real estate industry, having contributed significantly since 2003. With her deep roots in Greece, she has a profound appreciation for architecture and design. Known for her exceptional negotiation skills, market analysis expertise, and outstanding client service, Dimitra ensures a smooth and successful experience for every client. Her commitment to excellence and enthusiasm for connecting people with their dream properties are the cornerstones of her professional philosophy. She remarks, "Greece's luxury real estate market continues to captivate discerning buyers worldwide, thanks to its unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich historical legacy, and exceptional architecture."

Dragana Belojevic-Jankovic, with over two decades of experience in the real estate industry, is a highly respected professional known for her excellence and integrity. Her multilingual abilities in Greek, English, and Serbian enable her to serve a diverse range of clients with exceptional service. She shares, "In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Greece's luxury real estate market, we are witnessing a robust influx of high-net-worth investors from around the world, drawn by the unique blend of Greece's rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and strategic geographical location."

Ira Karavella, an emerging force in real estate, brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of international experience. Born in Athens and educated at the London School of Economics, Ira combines over a decade of expertise in human resources with a passion for real estate. Fluent in English, Greek, French, and conversational Spanish, she excels in serving a culturally diverse clientele. Ira states, "Greece's real estate market offers an unparalleled blend of cultural richness and contemporary luxury, making it a magnet for discerning global investors. With my experience and cultural insight, I am dedicated to guiding clients through this exciting market."

Nuno Franco, Managing Director at Nest Seekers, emphasizes the value of the Greece market, remarking, "Greece holds significant importance for us as a market, and we are actively considering the exciting possibility of showcasing it in an upcoming TV series."

As Greece's real estate market experiences a robust resurgence, Nest Seekers Greece, under the leadership of Dimitra Giakoumaki and Dragana Belojevic-Jankovic is exceptionally positioned to navigate and capitalize on this growth. This dynamic team is set to lead Nest Seekers Greece in capturing the opportunities presented by the market's recovery, driven by factors like increased foreign investment, the popularity of the Golden Visa program, and the thriving tourism sector. Together, they embody Nest Seekers' commitment to linking global clients with luxury properties, leveraging global insights and local market expertise to guide investors and homebuyers through the promising landscape of Greek real estate​.

About Nest Seekers International

Renowned for its innovative approach in prestigious markets such as New York City, The Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and London, Nest Seekers International has expanded to top markets in The Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, including new offices in Canada, Belgium, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mexico, Portugal, Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, and The Caribbean. These global offices function as a powerful network to promote listings on a global scale, demonstrating Nest Seekers’ remarkable reach. Nest Seekers International’s agents gain additional visibility through their appearances on popular television series, including Max’s "Selling the Hamptons" and The BBC’s "Crazy Rich Agents." These shows not only highlight the firm’s presence in the luxury real estate market but also showcase the talents and expertise of their agents to a global audience.

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Nest Seekers International Transforms Greek Real Estate with Top Agents, Global Reach, and Upcoming TV Series (

Nuno Franco
Nuno Franco
Managing Director - Portugal