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NestSeekers provide the best for the best
May 30, 2012


Trust is crucial in any real estate relationship, and Nest Seekers International gives its clients every reason to know they can trust them. What’s more, clients can have peace of mind knowing Nest Seekers will go above and beyond to make their transaction run as smoothly as possible.  The real estate firm is certainly on the rise, already known as one of Manhattan’s most elite. But Nest Seekers does not solely deal in New York City. With offices in East Hampton, Southampton, Bridgehampton, and Water Mill, Nest Seekers has entrenched itself within the thick of the Hamptons real estate market.  Furthermore, Nest Seekers has international affiliates in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. By expanding their network globally, Nest Seekers can create immense exposure for all property listings, in effect allowing for prospective buyers in any country to express interest.

The brains behind Nest Seekers is its founder and CEO, Eddie Shapiro. With over twenty years of real estate knowledge and experience, Shapiro developed and imbued the firm with his core philosophy: give each client individualized, localized attention, while offering a wealth of resources.  One of the key components of Nest Seekers’ success is its expansiveness and breadth of services. Because of its international presence, Nest Seekers can tailor its services to each client. The firm employs agents and affiliates from all over the world, so it can ensure that language is no obstacle. Never has there been a truly global real estate firm like Nest Seekers. Another key component of the firm is its cross-media marketing strategies that tap all possible channels and media outlets to maximize exposure of each seller’s property. Nest Seekers allocates a generous budget for advertising to create spectacular multimedia and print materials. In this way, the firm gets its clients’ listings into the most elite spots, as well as make those listings stand out once they are there.  In addition, Nest Seekers’ website is also one of its most useful tools. With over 150,000 unique visitors each month (and continually growing), it is one of the most highly regarded online real estate market resources. Thousands of blogs and other real estate and luxury portals link to and rely on Nest Seekers’ website, and it is surely one of the primary reasons the firm stays on the cutting edge. 

 It is not simply the quality of work that has clients singing Nest Seekers’ praises, it is also the quantity. With the ability to provide expert financial consultancy, property management and development options, real estate investment options, and full partnerships to the ever-expanding, yet highly selective database of international clients, Nest Seekers has clearly taken the field of real estate well beyond its traditional parameters. Because of this, it is easy to see why Nest Seekers’ name is becoming prominent outside Manhattan. The Bravo network’s Million Dollar Listing: New York snatched up Nest Seekers’ rising star, Ryan Serhant, to participate in the show. Having reached over one hundred million dollars in annual sales, Serhant is not only one of Manhattan’s most powerful brokers, but he is also becoming the face of Nest Seekers. Million Dollar Listing averaged
over 1.2 million viewers per week last season, making Nest Seekers both elated and proud to have Serhant deliver such immense publicity. 

Nest Seekers, though, does not like to fancy itself as some soon-to-be global empire. What the firm prides itself on is its ability to work effectively and honorably on behalf of its clients. This tailored service to each of its client’s needs is truly what makes Nest Seekers the firm it purports to be. And with a new Tribeca office, as well as ones to come in Miami and Beverly Hills, Nest Seekers looks to continue its current M.O.: provide the best for the best.