Social Media's Role in Real Estate


Jan. 5, 2018


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The marketing world has been heading to social media for years, and real estate is no exception. Nest Seekers' Sam Real joins Cheddar to break down how and how not to market properties using social apps. He breaks down why he thinks Facebook and Instagram are the most effective platforms to show off properties. 

Real explains his view that Snapchat isn't an ideal format for the industry. He says the videos are too short to show off all the aspects of a home. Instagram and Facebook allow for professional-quality images capable of making any property look luxurious. 

Real walks us through the essentials of posting real estate photos on Instagram. He says originality, engagement-driving hashtags, and consistency are important factors to keep in mind with every post. Finally, he lists the top trends he's seeing in the industry at the start of the new year.

Sam Real Sam Real
Licensed Real Estate Agent