8.5 Bathrooms, Seven Bedrooms, $1 M. Off

The New York Observer

Nov. 19, 2009

There is one school of thought that says uptown luxury Manhattan real estate brokers typify a dying breed of pristine professionalism, and another that considers them a terrifying swarm of overpowered and underprincipled bullies. The truth is in between: High-end New York City real estate is a wonderful and strange little world of artfully ambitious salesmanship.

Take the new Rushmore condo on Riverside Drive, where well over 30 buyers are reportedly fighting to get out of their contracts for new apartments. One executive who was going to buy two condos for $6.9 million, for example, sued over the developer’s closing deadline, certificate of occupancy and construction defects, according to a Real Deal article.

But when you look at the floor plan for the building’s 7,200-square-foot duplex—a gorgeous floor plan, a poetic floor plan—you’d never guess that anything could even potentially ever be wrong here. The maid’s bedroom leads to the kitchen, to the breakfast area, and to the family room, which opens up—through double doors—to a palatial dining room/living room. That takes you to the multimedia room, then to the cellar, to the study and the guest room, to the walk-in closet and then, beautifully, back to the maid’s room.