BBC to rival Netflix's Selling Sunset with new series based on UK's luxury property market

Manchester Evening News

July 6, 2022


A brand new BBC series is in the making that is set to rival Netflix 's hit reality show Selling Sunset. Since its release in 2019, Selling Sunset has become extremely popular with viewers on the streaming service, having just recently been renewed for a sixth and seventh season.

The series follows the lives of elite estate agents at The Oppenheim Group who sell extraordinary multi million-pound properties to affluent buyers in LA. As well as viewers getting to look inside these fascinating homes, the show also brings relationship and friendship drama with its focus on the estate agent's personal lives.

BBC is now bringing its very own luxury property programme to UK viewers with the working title 'Crazy Rich Agents'. The new series, which will launch on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, will show what it takes estate agents to secure and sell the most expensive and exclusive properties across the country.

The series will centre around Nest Seekers International, one of the world’s fastest growing luxury real estate companies, which has head quarters in New York and London. Nest Seekers has been the feature of other property TV shows, including Selling the Hamptons, Million Dollar Listing and Million Dollar Beach House – but for the first time the cameras will turn towards their business in the UK.

Viewers will get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to seven of the company's estate agents as they put everything on the line over the course of the summer to sell some of the most impressive UK homes. If the agents get the sale, they could earn hundreds of thousands of pounds in commission overnight, but first they have to convince homeowners to trust them, learn how to value top-end properties, stage houses and negotiate big money deals.

The show will feature all types of properties from all across the country, from rural castles and seaside mansions to penthouse apartments and gated estates.

Crazy Rich Agents, made by Plum Pictures and Diga Studios, will air for four hour-long episodes but a release date has not yet been announced.

Daniel McPeake, Managing Director of Nest Seekers in Europe, said: “It’s exciting to see the UK’s luxury property market in the spotlight at last – and I’m looking forward to seeing how these young agents adapt to the Nest Seekers style, which is very different from the way your average British estate agent does business.

"Our commission-only model incentivises agents to use every bit of their skill, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to provide an ultimate, client focused service for high net- worth sellers and buyers – so it should make for fascinating viewing.”



Daniel McPeake
Daniel McPeake
Managing Director