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March 2, 2011

Voyeur Insights: Nest Seekers' Ryan Serhant

If you don't know his name now, you will soon. Nest Seekers International power broker Ryan Serhant is set to star in Bravo's upcoming real estate show "Million Dollar Listing New York." But make no mistake: This former soap star isn't acting when it comes to his work. He's currently handling several luxurious properties (like a SoHo Triplex for $25 million) and routinely sells multimillion-dollar pads all over New York City.

Q: Highest sale in the past 12 months?
$6.75 million at the Time Warner Center.

Q: What's your next-hottest neighborhood in New York City?
Hudson Yards, but I don’t think the Financial District has been fully exposed yet

Q: Craziest showing story?
People were having sex and wouldn’t stop when we arrived.  

Q: What's your top tip for pricing a home?
Presentation is key.  I will paint a room or hire an interior decorator myself if I need to.

Q: What's the biggest mistake buyers make when looking for a home?
Not going with their gut feeling. If you fall in love with something, don’t second-guess yourself

Q: What was your first big sell?
$2.4 million, from showing to closing in five days.  

Q: What did you buy yourself after?
A real suit.  I did the deal in khakis and a polo shirt

Q: What did you do before you became a broker?
I was an actor on "As the World Turns," and a hand model for AT&T and Nespresso.

Q: Personal motto or favorite saying?
“Expansion -- always in all ways.”

Q: Favorite room in your own house?
Second bathroom.

Q: Person dead and alive you most admire?
Alexander Hamilton.  Eddie Shapiro.

Q: What part of business do you love the most?
The very end of the negotiation process, when it's either a go or not, and you're holding on by your fingertips.

Q: Neighborhood in New York you could live without?
Murray Hill.

Q: Neighborhood in New York you could NOT live without?
Anywhere downtown.

Q: In which era in N.Y.C. history would you want to be selling or living?
Early 1990s, after the savings and loan crisis.  I would have bought every apartment I could and watched them appreciate over the next decade.

Q: If you could be any building in N.Y.C., which would you be?
Federal Reserve Bank of New York.