Exclusive: Mia Calabrese Reveals Her Favorite Co-Star On Selling The Hamptons

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Aug. 1, 2022


Known as the "Queen of the Hustle," Mia Calabrese quickly rose to fame after becoming one of the six main realtors on Discovery +'s Selling The Hamptons. With a growing fan base and a newly announced Season 2 on the way, we are excited to see what's in store for this TV personality.

TheThings sat down with the rising influencer to hear about her connections with her other cast mates, Season 2, and her proudest real-estate sell.

Mia Calabrese Reveals Her All-Time Favorite Real Estate Deal So Far

She didn't get her "Queen" title for nothing; Mia is known for her exceptional real estate sales that no one else seems to be able to pull off. Her favorite sale she has scored since the start of her career was a property in Soho.

"I had been off and on the market for the last for four years", she details. "Some of the biggest brokers in NYC had listed this apartment and couldn’t sell it. With my perseverance and work ethic, I was able to sell it after 3 months of hitting the market."

And while you may assume that the stars of Selling The Hamptons only sell in the Hamptons, Mia is open to traveling to different markets in order to make these legendary sales happen:

I sell in both NYC and The Hamptons, which makes my job so exciting! I’m able to work in two of the most competitive markets in the world. If I wasn’t selling here, I would go to Paris! I love the architecture and design there. It’s incredibly charming and sophisticated. Its also happens one of my favorite cities!

Bianca D'Alessio Is Mia's Favorite Co-Star

Entrepreneur and fellow co-star Bianca D'Alessio is one of the season standouts for both her sales and her drama. Not only is she becoming a mega-influencer from the show, but she is very well known in the Real-Estate Industry.

Bianca was the only other member of the cast that she instantly recognized. "I recognized Bianca because I had heard about her in the city! She is a real powerhouse, which is why I wanted to partner up with her!"

The two have been a delightful pairing to see together on-screen, and it seems like they have become close friends off-screen too! Mia revealed:

Bianca! Her and I are on the top producing team at Nest Seekers, The Masters Division. We collaborate really well together, and we’ve grown into more than colleagues, but we’re also good friends now.

Mia Also Teased The Second Season Of Selling The Hamptons

Discovery+ recently announced that they have renewed Selling The Hamptons for a second season! And, based on what Mia has revealed to us, we can't wait to see it on our screens. "This season we have more extravagant homes, and juicier drama. I CAN’T WAIT!," she excitedly answered.

She became a fan-favorite in the first season because of the way she handles arguments and drama on-screen. And unless huge drama comes in season two, we don't think she's going to change:

It takes a lot to upset me, or get under my skin. Unless someone is doing something to disrupt me financially I don’t let it bother me. This industry is already so cut throat and stressful, unnecessary drama doesn’t need to be an added stress in my life.

Mia Calabrese is becoming a rising personality and we can't wait to see what drama comes in the upcoming season. In the meantime, catch her in Season 1 of Selling The Hamptons on Discovery+!


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Mia Calabrese
Mia Calabrese
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