Nest Seekers appoints Managing Partner to drive ‘intense growth’ across Europe

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Oct. 26, 2022


Nest Seekers International has appointed a new London-based Managing Partner to lead its “strategic expansion” across Europe.
In just two years, Rubens Brotto has been promoted from individual broker to Managing Partner of the commission-only international estate agency – which has become well-known for its appearances on TV shows in the US and UK.
Brotto previously worked in investment banking and data analytics on Wall Street in New York, and in Rio and London. He had not worked in the property sector before moving to the UK and joining Nest Seekers at the start of the pandemic, in early 2020.
He’s now tasked with building the firm’s presence in Europe from the London HQ, alongside Managing Director Daniel McPeake, and will also continue to “work on the trenches as a broker” himself. Brotto says he’s looking to recruit more agents from outside the real estate industry, while McPeake calls this “a period of intense growth” for the company.
Nest Seekers currently operates over 1,500 agents and employees across more than 30 office, handling property sales, media productions and yacht brokerage.
The American firm has appeared on TV shows including Selling the HamptonsMillion Dollar Listing and Million Dollar Beach House. It expanded into the UK a few of years ago, under the watch of Daniel McPeake, and moved into the Spanish and Portuguese markets last year.
Rubens Brotto
Rubens Brotto, Managing Partner at Nest Seekers International in London: “My priority is taking my international experience in business development in identifying and acquiring suppliers’ services in order to enhance the firm’s offering and making us more competitive and attractive to other top and experienced agents.
“Already, I have introduced new tech support to assist with legal and lead generation for all our business partners and setup a lettings management company as a proposition for new revenue stream opportunities for our brokers. Despite only being at the firm for a relatively short period of time, I have established an active network of agents that are rising to the challenge of securing deals and building their own connections with buyers and suppliers.
“Going forward, the recruitment of independent agents will be greater from the Managing Directors, and I will also continue to grow my own team to work on the trenches as a broker myself. To continue our rapid growth here at Nest Seekers, we need to focus on recruiting top agents as well as entrepreneurs from different professional backgrounds, bringing together a mix of skills and perspectives that will contribute with challenging the business to grow and help us become more malleable to any market changes.
“After a restructuring at my previous corporate role in NYC, my family and I were transferred across the Atlantic to London, and I decided it was time for a new career challenge. Global luxury real estate appealed because of the international reach and the exclusive niche market on offer, especially having come from a background with worldwide connections of high-net-worth individuals.
“I also wanted to work on an industry that was internationally minded and attractive for foreign investors. Nest Seekers has introduced a fresh air of bespoke approach into a niche that has been far too long dominated by only a few big players. Being part of a global brand with the local market approach seemed like a great fit and a door opener for my goals and ambitions within the real estate industry.
“However, it was not an easy transition, especially since I started my career in property at the beginning of 2020, concomitant with the global pandemic. I had limited local connections and was unable to expand these because of the multiple lockdowns. Usually, when you start working as an independent contractor on a self-employed model, you are more reliant on your local network, friends and family to kick off your business. As a connector by heart, I enjoy building these relations and have dedicated these past two years towards creating a network of people of influence and clients by putting my name and skills out there.
“The trust I have been given by my clients and business partners throughout this process is my biggest asset and achievement to date. I am greatly proud of it and will continue to cherish these relationships, using my new role and influence to earn the trust from even more clients and the new agents that are joining our team.”
Daniel McPeake, Managing Director of Nest Seekers in Europe: “Rubens is a fantastic example of hard work, skill and dedication to the firm, demonstrated through his rapid rise through the company and immense contributions to the team. Our model of high commission has allowed Rubens to expand his own business whilst benefitting from the brand awareness offered by Nest Seekers International – together we are working to move the industry forward. I have witnessed Rubens’ growth both personally and professionally, and clearly shows how moving from one industry to another can make you a valuable asset because of the varied experience that can be brought to the new team.
“We are going through a period of intense growth at Nest Seekers, becoming more involved in UK mainstream media with our two new TV shows, the unveiling of our Portugal head office as well as the announcement of our new luxury yacht brokerage. We are looking forward to seeing what 2023 holds and having Rubens on our senior management team to navigate our expansion.”
“I only have one piece of advice that has carried me through my whole career but especially during my time at Nest Seekers: your career is built on relationships and is based on people as much as it’s based on property. Look at it for the long term, build alliances, find your niche, be open minded, and be quick to make decisions.”

Rubens Brotto
Rubens Brotto
Managing Director - Super Prime Division