‘Selling the Hamptons’ Stars J.B. Andreassi and Michael Fulfree Tease ‘Endless’ Luxury Properties Featured on the New Series

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By Us Weekly Staff
Jan. 20, 2022


Mega mansions galore. The new Discovery+ series Selling the Hamptons follows real estate agents in one of New York’s priciest zip codes, and the homes they’re selling are truly spectacular.

The new show, which debuts Thursday, January 20, follows Bianca D’AlessioJ.B. AndreassiMichael FulfreePeggy ZabakolasKenny Arias and Mia Calabrese as they show off listings from the Hamptons-based branch of Nest Seekers.

“The Hamptons is a magical place. Beautiful people, beautiful cars, beautiful homes and really good celebrity sightings. It is so chic,” Calabrese explained in one teaser for the series. “People will do whatever they have to do to get a deal done.”

Ahead of the series premiere, Andreassi and Fulfree broke down what makes Selling the Hamptons different from other real estate shows — and shared some of the most over-the-top amenities they’ve seen at their listings.

“It really shows some unique things that have never been featured on a series before,” Fulfree explained. “I think people will be blown away.”

Read their Q&A below:

Us Weekly: What makes Selling the Hamptons stand out from other real estate reality shows?

Michael Fulfree: What’s really special about this show is it captures the ultra-luxury market of one of the top zip codes in the country. In our area, it’s a very hot real estate market, and to be able to capture that in a year of filming — which was absolutely crazy — was really special.Ever since the pandemic, new construction is geared toward having every fun toy and luxury item in the home, so you never have to leave. What you’re going to see is homes that have features you’ve never seen before — like full pools and saunas in the lower-level basement of a house. You’ll see beautiful offices and finishes, even 13-car garages with lifts!

J.B. Andreassi: We are talking about properties not just in our ultra-luxury alpha market — which is $10 million-plus — but $15 million, $20 million and $30 million listings that are part of the show from start to finish. And some of what comes with that includes picking up the billionaire client who flies onto the helipad on Meadow Lane in Southampton. It’s an authentic show.

Selling the Hamptons Stars J.B. Andreassi and Michael Fulfree Tease Endless Luxury Properties Featured on the New Series

Nest Seekers International

Us: Were you nervous about getting back into reality TV?

JA: Michael is never nervous with these things. He was born to be an entertainer. For me, [I’m] a little more conservative in ways and in business practices. Also, my family is a very big part of Southampton, so we have a reputation and level of respect that’s been earned over the last three decades. My mom was actually born here. It’s tough because I want to show my personality, but I also want to protect them.

MF: The only nervous part I had was I hope I get on this show! In this business, 90 percent [of agents] fail after the first year. During the pandemic the amount of realtors doubled, so your competition has doubled and the listings available have dropped 90 percent. It’s gotten so shark-y that you’re really going to love to see what happens, because it captures the craziness of the market.

Us: Michael, you’re married and are a father. Will we see your family and how you juggle it all on the show?

MF: You absolutely will. It’s impossible to ignore. The fact is, my wife, Samantha, is a boss. She owns one of the largest tile companies in the country, Cancos Tile, so we are very busy. There were times where I had to film and had real estate to handle and I had to call her and be like, “I have to drop off the baby at work.” And you can see on her face she’s upset already. It’s tough. We touch upon that a ton. I am juggling being a father because I want to be there for my child. He’s my everything.

JA: I have a puppy and he makes a couple guest appearances. My little sister, who is 24, [appears with me]. I think that’s going to be part of the process. We’ll see this first season and how it goes and if that trust is there and we are on the right trajectory. Then you will start to see my parents come into it.

Us: Michael, you went from modeling to real estate. Which one is more cutthroat?

MF: In modeling and real estate, my biggest competition is in my own head. With modeling it was very simple — go to the gym three times a day, eat nothing and look the best you possibly can. But in real estate, juggling my wife’s family business, working full-time, having a kid, anything can happen. You have a client early [and] you just have to make it work. This isn’t a 9-to-5 job. This is a 24-7 job.

JA: I would think just given his exceptional God-given looks that it was a bit easier for him in the modeling world, compared to now where he actually has to work for something.

Us: And J.B., you came from sports into the real estate world.

JA: This is by far much more competitive than what I did in sports. We show the team aspect, but it’s really on you to create your own plan and hit your goals, being a coach and mentor to others and being accountable. It’s a lot of psychology that goes into it. I go through meditating and yoga and self-care practices to make sure I can be the best I can be.

Us: What are​​​​ some of the over-the-top properties viewers will see on the show?

MF: We have $1 million outdoor TVs that come out of the ground into your pool. We have homes we feature where people put up entire walls with gold leaf. Walls covered in actual real gold! When you think of two options, you think of paint and wallpaper — you don’t think about gold.

JA: I’m thinking about [the] Duck Pond [property], which is Peggy’s $35 million listing — the basketball court in the lower level, the half-million-dollar wine room, the indoor pool and spa. The other $35 million property, “Sandcastle,” [where] you’re on 10 acres. Talk about toys! You have a skate park, a DJ booth, a 12-car garage. It’s endless!

Selling the Hamptons begins streaming via Discovery+ on Thursday, January 20.

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