The House Hustlers

Daily Mirror

Aug. 4, 2023


Meet the ambitious British estate agents trying to sell luxury listings and million-pound mansions.

You’ve seen Californian estate agents flogging million-dollar listings in Selling Sunset but in Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes we look behind the scenes of the UK’s luxury property market. The new series follows the brokers of Nest Seekers International as they hunt for clients, extravagant houses and a healthy commission.

From a £5m Surrey grange to an £85m mansion that once welcomed Princess Margaret, these hot properties are pursued by a cast of rookie British brokers, including 25-year-old Georgie June. “If you’re going to be spending three, four or five million on a house, you’re going to want it to be exactly how you’ve dreamt and built it up to  be in your mind,” she says. “My job isn’t to sit here and look over how many boxes need to be ticked. It’s just to go out and find [the perfect house].” Georgie, a former behavioural therapist, reveals she joined the brokerage firm to build a better life for herself and twin brother after their mother died. “My mum wanted to do [estate agency] before she passed away and didn’t get a chance to, which I found out around the time I was thinking about joining,” she says. “I had an interest in it and then I found that out, and I was like, ‘This is meant to be.’” While Georgie may be selling houses for “north of £20 million”, viewers will see life at the agency isn’t as glamorous as they might suppose. Agents don’t earn a salary, but work solely on commission, which is “the toughest part”.

Georgie says, “The motivation stems from ‘If I don’t get this done, then I’m not going to eat’ essentially. It’s not that drastic, because I still get by. But it’d be nice to do more than just get by.” In episode one, she helps her colleague Krishan with an open house event in a posh apartment on The Bishops Avenue, a north London road known as Billionaires’ Row. However, he serves Costco canapés off plates taken from his mum’s house. “There wasn’t quite a bottle of Dom [Pérignon] yet, but we’ll get there,” Georgie says. “Handing out those doughnut balls was definitely a highlight moment.” As the brokers hustle for house sales while scraping by themselves, Georgie says Selling Sunset-level success is all about patience. “I’m not hopping out of a Lamborghini, drenched in Gucci, but that will come with time.”

Krishan Mistry
Krishan Mistry
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