What Amenities are Trending in NYC New Developments

2 Girls 1 Closet

July 11, 2023


This week, we welcome Bianca D'Alessio to the podcast!  Born and raised in New York, Bianca currently manages over $800m in pipeline and active new development sales inventory for Nest Seekers Development Marketing.

Did you know you can live in a building that has stroller parking? We talk about new development buildings in NY, what amenities are currently trending, if storage and closets are in high demand and so much more.

Make sure to follow Bianca on Instagram and check out her website to work with her! Also, make sure to see her on Season 9 of Million Dollar Listing!

Listen to the podcast here:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/what-amenities-are-trending-in-nyc-new-developments/id1502416523?i=1000521302381

Bianca D'Alessio
Bianca D'Alessio
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker