Will Ryan Serhant leave New York City?

The Real Deal

TRD New York Staff
Dec. 6, 2019

There is at least one thing you do not want to do while visiting a high profile broker’s office: break his stuff. When TRD spent a recent day alongside the star agent Ryan Serhant in his Manhattan office, a certain ceramic piggy bank met its end during the shoot.

“You are killing me, Real Deal,” Serhant said, picking coins up off the floor. Oops. Still, the moment made the Nest Seekers International broker reflect on his humble beginnings in the city.

“I distinctly remember being completely broke in New York City and every dollar counts,” he said.

As he mused about his start the market that made him a star, the self-professed workaholic admitted that he is in no rush to abandon it.

“In the city, the more successful real estate agents get, the less time they spend in New York,” he said, recalling advice received from Nest Seekers founder Eddie Shapiro. “Just wait for them to go to the Hamptons and you’ll be ready.”

While fellow “Million Dollar Listing: New York” stars like Fredrik Eklund set out for the sunnier climes of L.A., Serhant can only bid them a fond farewell and gleefully pick up a larger local market share.


Source - The Real Deal 

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